Here in Ballincollig Tidy Towns, Harvesting Rain Water from the roof of Scoil Barra  has proven to be an extremely
successful project. 
The Rain Water gathers on the roof of the school and is collected and transferred to a bank of IBC (Intermediate Bulk
Container) Tanks
. The tanks are all linked together and, when full, have a capacity of over 10,000 Litres of water. We fill
the Water Tanker from these tanks and that is then used to water some 130 Planters throughout Ballincollig over the
summer and autumn months.
A restriction on the unnecessary use of water was put in place last summer because of extreme temperatures causing a
drought throughout the country. Eventually, it was upgraded to a total ban. This would have put Ballincollig at risk of losing
all flowers in the planters around town. However, due to there being plenty rain water harvested and stored in the IBC
Tanks in the months prior to the good weather, the Volunteers were in a position to carry on watering. 
As a result of how well this worked for us last summer, Ballincollig Tidy Towns decided to increase the number of IBC
Tanks. Extra tanks would allow a greater capacity of rain water to be harvested and stored. We are extremely grateful to the OSB Group in Hollyhill who very kindly donated 4 IBC Tanks to us.