Last Sunday there were twenty two volunteers out litter picking for the hour. A total of thirteen bags of waste including four bags of recyclable materials were collected. During the week up to last Sunday there were volunteers litter picking each morning and from those four bags of litter and four bags of recyclables were collected..


On the Tuesday and Thursday work evenings a total of thirteen volunteers were out in Ballincollig putting in over 20 hours work. Clearing of the walls at the Inniscarra Bridge was completed as well as works on kerb sweeping. Grass edging, litter picking and weeding were also done. Watering of baskets and bedding areas continued with five volunteers active throughout the week and five volunteers covered the planting over the course of the week.


This group worked tirelessly again throughout the week. The work included weeding, cleaning signs and collecting bags as well as sorting through the litter in order to segregate recyclable materials.


This competition is now completed and we hope that we were in the second judging.  Ballincollig is looking very good at the moment and we are hopeful that our score in the competition will reflect all the work put in over the year.  Although it is difficult to maintain the high marks of previous years, we keep striving to do so and hopefully even higher. Ballincollig is now one of the top Towns in the country and that is down to the efforts and support of residents, businesses and Cork County Council.


The Bring Banks are currently a huge issue with people still dumping their glass and other materials when the bins are full. This is not what should be done. If the bins are full, then the stuff must be taken away again. If there is room in the bins, then the boxes and bags used to carry the bottles must also be taken, as there is no recycling facility for them here. Leaving anything outside the bins is littering and could result in fines.

As always, we are still looking for more people to help out. Please get in touch if you can spare us any time.

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