Despite many volunteers being on holidays, there were twenty four out on Sunday for the weekly litter pick. There was a total of eighteen bags of waste collected which also included some collected from during the week. After segregation, four bags of cans, plastic bottles and glass were separated for recycling.

A number of volunteers carried out litter picks during the week. These litter picks are as important as the Sunday one as they help keep Ballincollig looking it’s best through each week and especially at this time, as we are still in the adjudication period for the National Tidy Towns Competition.


Completing the construction of the new compost bays in the allotment and grass cutting, kept the men busy. The capacity for compost making has increased three fold. This will be a great opportunity for Ballincollig Tidy Towns to increase the amount of green waste that can be converted to useful compost for planting schemes in Ballincollig.


Twenty four volunteers put in almost forty hours of work on close to ten projects over the two work evenings. Among these projects were kerb cleaning, painting seats and older waste bins, weeding bedding areas, fixing a number of faulty planters, installing gum bins, clearing ivy from walls and picking litter.

As a result of the very dry and hot days, watering of the plants and flowers is being done daily on a rota basis by five or six of the volunteers.The planters are quite efficient as each has a reservoir and no water is wasted by top filling. Water harvesting has been very successful but, with the lack of rain for a number of weeks, the stores have greatly diminished. Luckily, we have been offered water from alternative sources such as wells and rivers.   

Cleaning and repainting the lettering and numerals of the various Milestones around Ballincollig has given them new life. They are a nice piece of the Town’s heritage.

Three more heritage signs were installed at Pike Corner, The Coach House and The Oriel House Hotel.


Seventeen bags of mostly green waste were collected from three estates during the week. The work being done in the estates by the residents is adding to the overall beauty of the town.

The judges for the first round of the local Estates Competition will assemble on Monday 16th July. They will work their way through the various estates. This will likely take a few evenings to complete before the second round qualifiers are decided. Allowances will be made for the exceptionally dry weather experienced over the last month. If for example, the grass is parched on greens it will not count against any estate.  


We are still working through the list of jobs needing to be done such as washing the remainder of older directional signs, some painting projects, graffiti removal and bedding maintenance works.  

Litter is a constant in our busy Town and we appreciate the majority of people use the waste bins provided.  Cigarette butts are still a problem and are very difficult to pick up. The gum bins also have an ashtray compartment so there are now an increased number of places to out cigarette ends and we hope that this will help reduce the problem.  Of course we rely on smokers to do the right thing and not throw the ends on the ground.

We are still, looking for more people to help out so please get in touch if you can spare us any time.

For more news check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@BallincolligTT). We can also be contacted at and on (087) 6348807 – Pat Clark.