Eight Transition Year students along with twenty two Volunteers turned out for the weekly litter pick last Sunday. Shane, Alana, Eanna and Ava were welcomed as they started their first day with Ballincollig Tidy Towns. The majority of the student group continued their work of the week before and cleared up to thirty bags of leaves in the Parknamore area. Twenty of the Volunteers worked in the usual areas and at the end of the hour, had collected twelve bags, three of which were for recycling. The remaining two Volunteers worked outside the boundary area on the approach roads and each filled a bag of waste, most of which had been thrown from passing vehicles.

During the previous week there were a number of Volunteers litter picking in the Town Centre area each morning and on the road to Poulavone.  These collections produced a further two bags of waste and one of recyclable materials.


This group carried out much the same work as the previous week….sorting waste, collecting leaves in the Innishmore area and clearing footpaths and kerbs near to Muskerry Estate. Weeding of the long bedding area from Westgate to Innishmore junction began. The compost was turned again with the second bay now coming into play. The verge on Flynn’s Road has received a lot of attention recently and as a result is looking very clean.


Collections were made from five estates with nearly fifty bags. Most of these were leaves and are already added to the turned compost. Some boundary hedges and natural fences have been cut back recently. This has made a big difference to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.


On Thursday 6th December, Ballincollig Business Association held a lunch at which Ballincollig Tidy Towns was honoured with an Outstanding Achievement for 2018 award. It was with pride Ballincollig Tidy Towns’ Chairman accepted this on behalf of all the Volunteers.


If you are interested in joining us any Sunday just come along to Quish’s SuperValu West End where we meet up at 11.00 am for our weekly litter pick.


For more news check out our Website and Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@BallincolligTT). We can also be contacted at and on (087) 6348807 – Pat Clark.