Last Sunday we had twenty three volunteers for the weekly litter pick.  Following the thunder and lightning of Saturday night we were lucky that there was only a light mist to contend with.  The amount of litter was light enough. The town centre had the heaviest concentration due to the crows pulling at the bins.  We  picked seven bags of litter and three bags of recycling. Litter picks during the previous week saw a number of volunteers picking seven bags in total, of which three were recyclables.


Well done to Manor Hill and Westcliffe for scoring so well in the County Council Inter Town Anti Litter competition.  After round one of three, we are lying third in our category, behind Blarney and Youghal.  We have done very well in this competition over the past few years and we could do so again this year.  Only litter and cigarette butts are judged, so, we are aiming to concentrate more so on these. The judges can pick any estate, school area, commercial area and sections of Main Street at random, so it is vital that all areas are litter free.  We do know that Rosewood Estate will be judged in the current round two, so the residents there are making a huge effort.


Due to the fine days in the week up to the 27th, the group concentrated mainly on grass cutting. They have begun clearing back briar and furze from the margins on the road to the Kilumney Road Roundabout.  This work will make the grass cutting easier in this area and will keep the road vision clear.


Residents are getting out in earnest and as a result, there is a marked improvement in Ballincollig’s appearance. We collected from four estates with a total of one hundred and fifteen bags of green waste material.  The National Tidy Towns is now underway, and it is important that our Estates are seen to be litter free and weed free especially at kerbs and the base of walls. There is still plenty more clearing to be done and we suggest that neighbours get together to make this work easier.

Some estates such as Coolroe Meadows and Muskerry Estate are nominating clean up nights.  We really appreciate all the effort so far. We would not be able to do this type of work in the estates ourselves, as we simply don’t have the numbers.


The recycling workshop held at the Oriel House Hotel on Monday 21st May was very interesting. It dealt with what to put into home bins and showcasing compostable cups, cutlery and bags as well as other useful everyday more environmentally friendly options.

The work evenings during the week. The lower level of an empty premises on Main Street was cleaned and looks so much better.

Dumping is still a concern. Two bags of domestic dumping were picked up. This is so very disappointing to see. 

Again, we ask all residents and business owners to make the effort to clean their premises, especially with the competitions ongoing.


Weather permitting, we meet each Tuesday and Thursday at 7.00pm outside AIB on Main Street. Everybody is welcome for what is generally more physical work as we prepare for the summer competitions.  It is a struggle this year to catch up on all that needs to be done so any extra help is most welcome. We hope to retain Gold Medal status and our marks will need to improve also to keep up the standard in comparison with other top towns and villages around the country.

Help out please.  Litter picking with us or at a time more suitable to you would be very welcome. This will allow us to move onto doing other essential work.

For more news check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@BallincolligTT). We can also be contacted at and on (087) 6348807 – Pat Clark.