Sunday the 15th July saw twenty six volunteers out for the weekly litter pick. The morning saw the first sprinkling of rain in many weeks. In total there were seventeen bags of waste  From these, seven bags of cans, plastic bottles and glass were separated for recycling.

During the week there were daily litter picks by a number of volunteers as well as by Council personnel.  


These hardworking people had another busy week covering a wide range of jobs. Washing walls, cutting overgrowth, litter picking, cutting grass were among the jobs they carried out. The full length of the pathway from Westgate to Community Drive was cleared and made safer for use.  A shed was installed in the allotment where they also began filling the new compostor bays.


Over the two work evenings twenty nine volunteers put in almost fifty hours of work on up to eight projects.  Some of those projects were kerb cleaning, painting seats and older waste bins, weeding bedding areas at Poulavone and at Pairc Cul Rua and litter picking.

In addition watering the baskets continued and is now done on a rota basis with five to six volunteers covering this work on a daily basis. The flowerbeds were also watered 


On Monday 16th July, the judges started marking the first round of the Local Estates Competition. This is due to be completed by July 25th and then the second round will be organised. The residents have put in plenty of work on both their gardens and estates and this year the displays are wonderful.  


Washing the remainder of older directional signs, some painting projects, graffiti removal and bedding maintenance works are among some of the jobs we are working through. Litter picking is being done on a daily basis as there are many people who fail to use the litter bins. Cigarette butts are still a problem and are so difficult to pick up. The gum bins also have an ash tray compartment in them and with an increased number of places to out the cigarette ends, we hope they will help to reduce the problem.  

We are still looking for more volunteers to join us for the weekly Tuesday and Thursday work evenings. If you feel that you could and would like to come out and join us please feel free to do so.


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