Thirty volunteers including one Transition Year student turned out last Sunday for the weekly litter pick. A total of eighteen bags of waste were collected and from these five bags of recycling were filled.

During the week the volunteers collected two bags of waste and three bags of recycling mainly from Main Street.

Three bags of waste including one bag for recycling were collected from approach road areas outside the National Tidy Towns boundaries.


The workers had another busy week deadheading the Hydrangeas in the Poulavone area. Clearing the leaves at Innishmore and clearing the steps and paths on the walkway from Westgate to Community Drive were also carried out.

New street planters were delivered to the allotment. These are sure to be a lovely addition to Main Street when they are put in place in the next few weeks.


Activity during the week was noticeable in many estates. As most resident  groups arrange the disposal of their own waste, collections were made from just two estates. This consisted of one bag of litter and five bags of kerb sweepings. When possible, it is a good idea to clear both kerbs and at the base of walls early in the year. This prevents a more difficult job later in the summer.


At present, we are busy setting out funding applications to match some of our plans for 2018. We are also preparing for the 2018 Ballincollig Tidy Towns AGM. The AGM may only be attended by members and so we would encourage anyone interested to make contact with us regarding becoming a member. Your contact details are all that are needed to become a member.

Participation in works and events will remain voluntary for members.

For more news check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@BallincolligTT). We can also be contacted at and on (087) 6348807 – Pat Clarke