Sunday 29th July saw twenty two volunteers litter picking for the usual hour. Eleven bags of litter and four bags of recyclable materials were collected. During the previous week several volunteers conducted litter picks each day and from those picks three bags of waste and two bags of mixed recycling were collected.


During the week up to 29th July, we had only one work evening (Tuesday) as it was raining on the Thursday. It has been quite a while since this happened as we were enjoyin perfect weather conditions for the past few months. The work carried out on the Tuesday evening included litter picking, kerb cleaning, clearing the overgrowth and build up of weeds and silt at the Inniscarra Bridge. Eleven volunteers turned out to help.

Watering baskets continued with five volunteers covering the plants over the course of the week.


Once again, this week saw the workers tackle a huge amount of work which included weeding flower baskets, clearing boundary areas at Poulavone and various work in the allotment. They also cleaned around the sign at Inniscarra Bridge. Griffins Garden Centre donated a trough of flowers which has added a nice bit of colour to compliment all the work being done in the area. Volunteers from the staff at VMWare gave assistance with the clearing of boundaries and helping with the flowerbed at Poulavone.  The extra hands are very much appreciated as we get through the work much quicker. As a result, the list of jobs we need to complete is getting shorter.

We are still looking for more people to help out so please get in touch if you can spare us any time.

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