Ballincollig Tidy Towns are proud of the dedication of their Volunteers and the selfless giving of their time throughout the year. From April to September and sometimes even later in the year, weather permitting, several Volunteers come together every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7pm. We undertake new planned projects throughout Ballincollig while still doing jobs like clearing kerbs, cleaning traffic islands and watering the many flowers in tubs, planters and hanging baskets around town. These Work Nights are important in helping us maintain a certain standard for our town. 
There is a great sense of camaraderie while we work. We have some Volunteers who come out solely for these work nights every year and it’s always good to see them. We chat as we work and often stop for a cold drink, ice cream or cuppa.
We could always do with more Volunteers for our Work Nights. We meet at 7pm for an hour or two Tuesday and Thursday. If anyone can spare some time, please come out and join us
Our Work Nights are back in Full Swing and this week we were involved in cleaning Main Street and The Old Square. This week bins were washed, weeds removed,traffic islands cleaned and a full litter pick around the the town centre . 
This evening 15 volunteers including 3 new people came out and worked on cleaning Main Street. Work included power washing litter bins and the “phone box “ as well as litter picking and cleaning kerbs. 
This week’s work nights both concentrated on Main Street, washing street
furniture and power washing bins. In addition 2 of our volunteers were
preparing ground with edging machines for collection by VMware Staff.
It was nice to welcome some new volunteers to assist us this week.
As part of out work night we had to use the jeep to try to straighten this bollard.
The Regional Park was the venue for this Work Night. We washed benches, bins and dog fouling bins. 
Baker Street links Station Road to the Car Park behind Quish’s SuperValu. It is a small street but one of the busiest in Ballincollig. We tackled this and it is amazing how much of a difference an hour made.
On Tuesday night  4 of our ladies took their spades and brushes and headed to Station Road. They worked their magic and what a difference. While most people thought the place was alright as it was, our ladies felt that it could be improved and worked at it until they were satisfied. It certainly looks great.
We have had a number of complaints from pedestrians about low hanging branches at Coolroe near Hodders Villas. We tackled them on Tuesday night and what an incredible difference two Volunteers, Liam and Neil, made. Afterwards, they also took the opportunity to clean weeds away from outside some business premises in the area.
We were delighted to welcome two new Volunteers to assist us on our work night. We tackled the traffic islands at the West Village. This was one of four projects that we had going on. In addition we had a group Watering, another group Litter Picking and a group cleaning Main Street. 
With all the ongoing projects , the painting of the traffic islands was pushed back. We began painting them ourselves as the Council had advised that they would not be able to get to them. This will take a few nights to complete as we cannot start until the traffic has eased.
Last Tuesday we arranged for the Traffic Islands at the Greenfields entrance to be swept. Tonight with the assistance of John  O’Donovan of O’Donovan Agri, we decided to power wash the islands and the difference was absolutely amazing
Sunningdale is an area near the top of Station Road. It has a lovely natural stone wall in place and over time it needed to be weeded and tidied up. On Tuesday night a large group of volunteers started to do this and Thursday night another group of volunteers finished completed it. The difference was incredible and well worth the effort. 
On Tuesday the Work Night focused on the Killumney Road and on the bridge near the entrance to Greenfields. The Volunteers returned there again on Thursday night in order to complete it. 
Watering of the planters and hanging baskets was also carried out by more Volunteers while others did litter picking in several areas.
The Volunteers tackled  the hedge outside Bridgewater which was overrun with the dreaded Bindweed. One Volunteer went ahead cutting the hedge while the others came along and cleaned up. While this was being done two more Volunteers were painting kerbs. Others were litter picking and cleaning in the town centre
Cleaning the Cycle Lane from Carrigrohane to Poulavone.. Watering and litter picking were also carried out.
Cleaning of Traffic Islands at Classis
VMware Staff Assisting Ballincollig Tidy TownsTT planting Heathers 
A selection of Projects
Edging at Poulavone
Jack and Jarlath Boyd doing a great job at Inniscarra Road
Major job at Inniscarra Road
Several projects
Even in December