This week we took delivery of a beautiful sign which we have placed at the allotment. Huge thanks to Monika and the Printout staff for a magnificent design. Although the sign has already been placed at the allotment, we will be moving it so that it can be seen and enjoyed by everyone.


Once again, the VMWare employees were doing their community proud. During the week fourteen volunteers spent the morning weeding around the Hydrangeas on the Carrigrohane Road. Ballincollig Tidy Towns is so thankful for their continued support. They continue to do a wonderful job.


Over the past number of weeks, the grass at Cleburne Mews has not been cut. It is amazing the difference this has made to the bees. They can be seen in great numbers on the clover and other wild flowers which is very positive.


On Tuesday there were 13 volunteers out for the work night. The main concentration was on The West Village. One crew were cleaning around the traffic islands at Innishmore. As volunteers we often notice things that other people don’t see. That is the reason the second crew were busy cutting low hanging branches and also cleaning kerbs at Hodders Villas. There was a great deal of satisfaction when we saw the results.


One Transition Year student joined 22 Volunteers on Sunday morning for the weekly litter pick. A huge area was covered from as far as St. Oliver’s Cemetery out to Classis.
The total litter gathered during the week from our various Volunteers litter picking on Main Street, was added to Sunday’s amount. When segregated it yielded one bag of glass, one bag of cans and one bag of plastic.


While working on Station Road on Thursday night of last week, Trevor from The Fry very kindly offered supper to our volunteers in appreciation for all the work that Ballincollig Tidy Towns does. We were touched by their kindness.


On Thursday evening last week, we had14 Volunteers out working. While one crew covered Coolroe another crew covered Station Road both were cleaning kerbs, three were litter picking. It was a very successful evening.
We are busy adding to and updating our Projects/Work Nights page. Why not visit our website and see for yourself the amount and variety of work we get through.

some of the pics from during the week