More than ever, it is important for us all to live side by side with each other and nature. Because of this, BTT has decided to share the Poulavone Roundabout with the bees.
Perhaps you noticed that some of the grass has been left uncut. This is not because our Volunteers were taking shortcuts. We decided to leave these areas grow naturally to provide more food for the bees.
The results so far have been very positive resulting in an increased buzz about the place.
The plants are beginning to bloom giving some lovely colours. The additional planting will add more vibrancy in the coming weeks.


Last Saturday morning a number of our Volunteers took to the streets to put up the planters on the poles, railings and at Eastgate. A special word of thanks to Tony Whelan who did an amazing job planning everything.
As soon as the flowers were in place watering began.
Both watering units were in full flow. On Sunday morning our new unit was in action again at the Poulavone Roundabout watering the plants that were planted on the previous Thursday night.
These wonderful splashes of colour throughout Ballincollig give the town something special. 
The grass on the Old Fort Road was cut on Monday.
Tuesday Anthony was busy strimming near the apartments in Coolroe and Aylsbury.
Adrian had been weeding at the allotment and on Wednesday began revamping the bed at Cleburne Mews.
The planters at Eastgate were watered and are already beginning to settle.



This week during the Tuesday Work Night our Volunteers could be seen putting the towers back out on Main Street. There are an additional two new towers this year.
The plants were placed on Thursday morning with a large number of added pollinators. It’s lovely to see these imposing towers back on the streets.


pics from the week:



Nineteen VMware Volunteers did an amazing job weeding the Westcliffe flower bed this week. They collected 44 bags of weeds.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns is extremely grateful to this company whose employees give back to their community each week without fail.


Thursday evening last the residents of Aylsbury held a clean-up in their estate. They initially thought they would have about 12 bags for us to collect but because of the unexpected huge turnout, they ended up with 38 bags. Well done and thank you to everyone involved.
Similarly, the residents of Lisheen Fields collected a large number of bags during a clean-up in their estate.




Sunday morning last 1 Transition Year student joined 18 Volunteers for the weekly litter pick. The large turnout allowed for a wide area to be covered.
Once again, the ladies from Ballincollig LGFA were busy doing their bit. And as is the norm several of our Volunteers could be seen collecting litter during the week.
When all this was segregated it yielded 2 bags of glass, 4 bags of plastic and 3 bags of cans.
Two bags of green waste were collected from both Beech Road and Leo Murphy Tce.






The Waters and Communities Special Award has been a regular feature in the SuperValu Tidy Towns competition since 2017. It is now open for 2022 and the closing date is Friday 10th June. Communities receive awards for projects and initiatives that deliver local benefits for water and biodiversity.
The importance of a local beach, lake, canal, estuary, river or local stream is highlighted in each application. Entrants must state what winning this award would mean to their local community. Previous years’ range of community initiatives have included local clean-ups, enhancement of public amenities, conservation of biodiversity and heritage, citizen science, promotion of angling and water-based activities, education and awareness raising, promotion of local actions in support of water, biodiversity and climate action goals.
For an application form and information on other special awards visit the Tidy Towns website  for further information visit