Four bags of leaves were collected from Beech Road.
One bag from St. Oliver’s Cemetery.
There were 10-ton bags of leaves collected from Fernwalk Residents.
Twelve bags collected from Rosewood Estate.
There were three small bags collected from Innishmore Lawn Residents.
Fr Sexton Park Residents were extremely busy collecting fifty-six bags of leaves so far.  
All the leaves collected are placed in Compost Bay 1 at the Allotment which is filling up nicely.
There are huge amounts of fallen leaves on the Carrigrohane/Straight Road footpath heading East and on the cycle lane heading West. A huge ‘thank you’ to the staff from the Ballincollig Area Office of Cork City Council working to remove them and for arranging the Road Sweeper.
There were twenty-two Volunteers and fourteen Transition Year students out for our weekly Litter Pick. With this number we were in a position to cover a very wide area.
Eleven bags of litter were collected on the Litter Pick.
Some of our Volunteers carried out daily Litter Picks and four bags of Litter, one bag of Cans, one bag of Plastic and one bag of Glass were collected.
While some of the Transition Year students were litter picking, we put others in groups of three and they collected the fallen leaves. Groups of three allowed for social distancing to be adhered to and still get the job done. The work they did in the hour made a huge difference.
They filled five-ton bags. Normally one-ton bag is taken to equal ten large black bags.


Information evening on 4 November at 6pm at

Le Cheile schools committed to the promotion of a value-based education built on the shared purpose of Welcome and Wisdom – 21st Century Educational Philosophy.
Our Freepost Donate Box is now available for filling. Should you wish to donate a new book or some new magazines and perhaps a treat of a packet of biscuits or sweets to accompany it we will be putting them in envelopes and having them sent to the elderly living alone, or in nursing/care homes in our community. It is our way to let people know they have not been forgotten at this time when it is not possible for them to have visitors. If you would like to be part of this, please drop your donation to the box at Pat Clarkes Ballincollig Tool Hire, Innishmore (087) 6348807 and we will do the rest.


We put the word out for you to send us some Halloween pictures so they could be shared and enjoyed by others and we have received some lovely ones.
Mary Jefferies shared some of her Halloween pictures and Mary Fitzgerald sent in pictures of her Pumpkin handiwork as did Lorraine Fitzgerald. We also received ‘An Atmospheric Halloween Window in Ovens’ from Bridget O’Brien.
Feel free to share some of your Halloween activities, costumes or decorations with us.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns took possession of some new Health and Safety signage at the Allotment this week.
It is as important for the Tidy Towns to ensure that it is compliant as it is for all other businesses. Whether in relation to everyday Health and Safety or with regard to Covid-19, it all helps to keep people safe.
… a dear Volunteer……19 years loyal service given to Ballincollig Tidy Towns…….every Sunday morning collecting bags of rubbish from around Ballincollig……towing the Watering Unit through the summer months…..all the while 103FM playing on the radio.
Although you were purchased for another business you never failed to be available for the needs of Ballincollig Tidy Towns………
Body a little creaky and sure a little squeaky….being traded in for a younger model…..don’t feel sad ole boy……you have earned a life at a slower pace… more pulling, no more hauling…..just puttering around…..moving on to pastures new….a huge big ‘Thank You’ to you  🙂