The second BeautifulLee river event is being held on this Saturday, 1 August from 10am to noon.
We will meet at Fionn Laoi car park, on the far eastern edge of Ballincollig Regional Park (VCVC+6X on google maps)
After the success of the first river event, BeautifulLee have organized the second event for Saturday, 1 August. The plan is to collect litter at the eastern edge of the Regional Park; build boats with leaves and sticks; and find out more about the river from Professor Robert Devoy.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns is kindly providing 10 sets of gloves and litter pickers on the day and will collect and dispose of the waste we gather.
The goal on the morning will be to clean up an area, learn about the place and have fun. It’s the second of three BeautifulLee mornings organised by Mary Venables to encourage people to appreciate the beautiful river we have in our neighbourhood. The third will be Saturday, 5 September in the fields around the Angler’s Rest.
Contact us with any questions at beautifulleeballincollig@gmail.com.
Hope to see you there.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns rain water harvesting tank farm got a very welcome boost thanks to last weekend’s heavy rain.
Thursday last ‘The Waterboys’ used 1,200 litres of water on all the window boxes, wooden planters, the towers and the pole planters throughout the town. This took them over two hours.
Then on Friday they watered and fed the planters at Eastgate. This took 600 litres. The rainfall over the weekend took care of the plants at Fr. Sexton Park.


During the week four bags of litter were collected from around Rosewood by the Residents.
Residents from Coolroe Meadows did a great job weeding the roses on the roundabout in their Estate and eight bags of green waste were collected from them. The roundabout is looking very well and great credit is due to the Residents Association.

The progress on Barry’s Road is wonderful to see and this week a further 6 tonne bags were collected. We are indebted to John for his continued commitment to transform this area.
John also found time this week to do some work at the Allotment. He spent two days weeding the flower beds and doing a general ‘tidy up’ of the area.
Denis was kept busy sanding down the benches at Eastgate getting them ready for painting. The completed benches have made such a difference. We in Tidy Towns really appreciate his efforts.

This year our planters are really looking spectacular. Our Volunteers have been spending a fair amount of time deadheading them. We were looking for more Volunteers to come out and help with this work and thankfully a large amount lent their support.
Sunday morning last nineteen Volunteers gathered for the weekly Litter Pick. A total of seven bags of litter were collected.
Three bags of litter, one bag of cans and one bag of glass were collected by our Volunteers during the week.


This week Tesco Ballincollig once again kindly offered us some plants that were past their best for selling and rather than dispose of them offered them to Tidy Towns.
They were moved to ‘intensive care’ in the Allotment where they are receiving lots of tlc and will be ready for use in the coming weeks.
These Tesco plants have in the past made up some of the splendid displays around the town. We really appreciate their thoughtfulness.
One of our Volunteers planted a small White Buddleia shrub in the Allotment a number of years ago. This is a very vigorous growing shrub also known as a Butterfly Bush. It has grown very tall and its flowers give off a beautiful scent. Both the bees and, at this time of year, butterflies are very plentiful as they feed on the flowers.
Last Sunday three species of butterflies were observed feeding on the White Buddleia. They were the Peacock, Red Admiral and Painted Lady. What a beautiful sight.
In the Butterfly Poster several species of butterflies are included. Why not take a look.
For more information click on the link below for Biodiversity Ireland