After a huge public outcry on social media and representations made by our local councillors with regard to the dumping of rubbish at the Recycling Centre in the Main Car Park in Ballincollig, the camera has now been reinstalled. Hopefully this time it’s here to stay. Our thanks to everyone involved to get this over the line.
Although we have been in lockdown and living a very different life for the past number of weeks, it is wonderful to see so much work being done in gardens and estates by the residents. It shows a huge sense of pride in the community.
Twenty bags of grass were collected for our compost bay in the Allotment, our very empty compost bay. The bay which was made up of endless bags of leaves and grass cuttings in readiness for the new season’s planting was emptied during the earlier weeks of lockdown. While the Tidy Towns Volunteers were stood down due to the Coronavirus, people helped themselves to the entire bay of compost leaving nothing for them to work with in the coming weeks. However, thanks to the estates who have been cutting grass, a new reserve can be built up. Unfortunately, it will not be ready in time for the upcoming planting.
There were also four bags of non-compostible green cuttings collected.
Leo Murphy Terrace, Rosewood and Carrigdene were among the estates who have been working hard during lockdown and we are so grateful to them all.
This week several Residents Associations have also been very busy getting out and tidying their estates. It is very heartening to see the difference this work is making as you drive around Ballincollig.
Twelve bags of green waste were collected from Aylsbury Estate on the Bank Holiday after a cleanup by residents that morning. Seven bags were collected from Inniscarra View after residents were out sweeping the kerbs throughout the estate while others were busy planting.
Rosewood Estate residents were seen tending to their flower beds. Fr. Sexton Park residents were out cutting the grass on their green. Thank you to everyone.
Be sure to read the blog ‘Sharing Their Efforts’ to see some of the work residents have done in their estates. Let us know what work you have been doing and send us in your photos so that we can add them for others to enjoy


In normal circumstances, the Ballincollig Tidy Towns Work Nights would be underway by now. Although the work has ground to a halt because of the lockdown, more and more of our Volunteers are using their daily walk as an opportunity to carry out Litter Picks and it is making such a difference. This week six Volunteers were out. Five bags were collected which was excellent.
Please remember to throw used gloves into the many bins located throughout Ballincollig. Throwing them on the ground is not only littering but dangerous for others as they may be contaminated and could spread the virus.


Last Saturday, three of our Volunteers decided to cut the grass on both sides of the road from Killumney Road to Gaelscoil Ui Riordan while adhering to social distancing. It felt so good to be back doing what we love.
What a difference it made. The smell of freshly cut grass, the sense of achievement and feeling of normality were amazing.