It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Fr. George, Parish Priest of Ballincollig since 2003.
Since becoming our Parish Priest, Fr. George O’Mahony was a magnificent supporter of the work of Ballincollig Tidy Towns and a great friend.
He attended the Annual Awards Ceremony each year and was always proud to accept awards on behalf of the Parish. He had the lovely trait of saying ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped in any way at events, always making sure he never forgot anyone.
Due to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of his Ordination on 19th June, Fr. George passed away after an illness which was borne with dignity.
He truly was a fantastic person and we in Tidy Towns wish to say a sincere ‘thank you’ to him. Rest in Peace dear Friend. You gave so much to the people of Ballincollig.
McDonald’s in Ballincollig are delighted to come on board as the new Sponsor for the Poulavone Roundabout.
The Roundabout will continue to be Pollinator Friendly and Pesticide Free.
An important part of the Ballincollig Pollinator Corridor, McDonald’s are thrilled to work with Ballincollig Tidy Towns on this going forward.
McDonald’s have always been supporters of Ballincollig Tidy Towns. Chris and the team work to a very high standard, keeping their premises and drive thru in Ballincollig litter free. Becoming the Sponsor for the Poulavone Roundabout is in line with their ambition to minimize waste, recycle and protect the environment.  
Ballincollig Tidy Towns looks forward to working further with Chris and the McDonald’s team.
Last Sunday morning there were seventeen Volunteers out for the weekly Litter Pick.
Eleven bags of Litter were collected in total.
We collected eight bags Green Waste from Beech Road.
Five bags of Green Waste were collected from Greenfields.
Denis spent Sunday morning weeding out the raised bed (the Evening Echo sponsored flowerbed) on The Killumney Road. Three bags of Green Waste were collected from there.  

Litter Picks were carried out during the week by our Volunteers and they collected three bags of Litter, one bag of Glass and one bag of Plastic.
Cork City Council have informed Ballincollig Tidy Towns that their local Ballincollig Council Staff will be emptying bins and picking litter on Sundays and Bank Holidays going forward.
This will make a huge difference to the town and to our work. We are extremely grateful for the extra support Cork City Council are affording us.


On bank holiday Monday ‘The Waterboys’ spent two and a half hours watering.
All Window Boxes, Pole Planters, Wooden Planters and Towers on Main street were watered as were the Planters at Eastgate. Twelve hundred litres of Harvested Rain Water were used.
Three hundred litres of water were used to water the Flowerbeds at Fr. Sexton Park and on Station Road and the Planters at the Church of St. Mary & St. John. They were also used for washing and watering around the Parklet on Main Street after planting.
Staff from Cork City Council caring for the Regional Park Ballincollig have shown great initiative in allowing green areas around the Car Park near the Allotments to grow and develop into a natural meadow.
This has resulted in flowers developing and on closer inspection the numbers of bees have increased showing the importance of having areas like this for pollination.
Well done to all involved.
Our Work Nights began again on Tuesday and despite the wet weather we had several Volunteers out working.
Henry, Ferghal and Declan tackled Eastgate tidying up the base of the large wall. They also brushed the stones back in to the gravel area.
This made such a difference to the area.
The long, raised flowerbed that runs along Westcliffe’s front wall had gone unattended due to lockdown and government restrictions. However, on Tuesday during the Work Night Kitty, Mary and Carmel cleaned this bed. After carrying out a Litter Pick with Maureen, Gay joined them. Although the work will continue what was achieved on the Tuesday Work Night has already made a difference.
Last week Ballincollig took possession of it’s very first Parklet. It is a welcome addition to our Main Street and we are certain it will prove a very positive asset in the coming months. Wheelchair friendly, the Parklet forms part of the Pollinator Corridor.
On Tuesday night Ballincollig Tidy Towns returned to its Work Nights and one of the first projects  tackled was the Plants for the Parklet.
It was wonderful to use our own compost from the Compost Bays at the Allotment for the Parklet. In total thirty-seven bags were used.
The Parklet is now complete and looking wonderful. Many of the Plants are Pollinator Friendly and as these get established in the coming months, the Parklet will become an important addition to the Pollinator Corridor.
As the seating areas are among the Plants, it was advised for safety reasons to combine the Pollinator Friendly Plants with several Non-Pollinators.
We look forward to the enjoyment this Parklet will bring to people in Ballincollig.


You may have already noticed these signs around the Regional Park. They have been erected near the ruins of the old Gunpowder Mills buildings. They are part of a new App due to be launched shortly. 
People will be able to scan each sign and learn what part each building played in the production of gunpowder in the Powdermills many years ago.
We look forward to exploring this when the App is up and running.


John was busy carrying out a clean-up around the Allotment flowerbeds. The recycled Geraniums were put in place to add some welcome colour.
There were twelve Volunteers out for the Thursday Work Night.
Kitty, Maureen and Mary continued work on the flowerbed in front of Westcliffe and seventeen bags were collected for recycling.
An Caislean Residents were busy again and we collected eleven bags from them.
Henry, Gay and John were working on the Western side of Ballincollig and cleaned in front of a derelict house in Coolroe and along the stone wall. We collected four bags from them. 
The two Pats watered and fed all the Window Boxes, Pole Planters, Wooden Planters, Eastgate Planters, and the Towers on Main Street. After two hours they had only used six hundred litres due to the rainfall of the past few days.
Fearghal went around Ballincollig putting Cork City Council stickers on the Heritage Signs.
Residents from Coolroe Meadows were busy weeding the flowebeds at the Roundabout in the Estate. This Estate has been at the forefront in a lot of ways especially when it comes to Pollination and Biodiversity. Their wild flower meadows are amazing showing what can be done.
Well done to everyone involved.