John turned all the compost in Bay 2. We are so lucky to have this magnificent rich compost it will be of enormous benefit to us in the coming months.  


Adrian sorted the weeks litter at the allotment.


John began a project at Sunningdale. He filled 4 one-ton bags of overhanging briars and leaves. What a difference it has made.


Adrian continued his work removing suckers from the trees in Coolroe Meadows. The job is now complete. 8 fertilizer bags with suckers were removed.


The last of the fruit trees were planted on Monday morning. A total of 50 trees have now been planted. All we can do now is watch them bloom and grow.
This is such an important project.


pics: busy at work


More information of the damage we cause to the planet and the changes we must make to undo this.
Trees are not only a beautiful sight they are essential components of our fragile ecosystem. Some of the oldest living things on the planet are trees. One of the oldest is said to be over 80,000 years old. Sustaining much of life, trees are the lungs of our planet – breathing in toxic carbon dioxide and breathing out precious life-giving oxygen. One average sized tree can provide enough oxygen for a family of four for a whole year.
But trees are used for more than just oxygen. They provide food and shelter for wildlife, wood for building homes and products such as paper.
Tree Facts –
Planting 20 million trees, gives the earth and its people 260 million more tons of oxygen while at the same time removes 10 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Each year an acre of trees absorbs the amount of carbon dioxide equal to driving your car 26,000 miles.
Pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia and sulfur dioxide are absorbed by trees.
By providing shade and releasing water, trees cool cities by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
By storing water and breaking the force of rain as it falls, trees reduce urban runoff and erosion.
 Trees need about 15 gallons of water per week to survive.
Air-conditioning costs can be cut by up to 50% when trees are planted in the right places around buildings. 
Changes to make –
  • Recycle as many paper products as possible.  
  • Research the amazing life of trees. By increasing your awareness – you can better care for them. 
  • Plant a tree. Grab some seedlings and get to work.
  • Do not support animal agriculture that is clearing trees and rainforests to make the land suitable for grazing animals.  
  • Encourage people to live in alignment with nature. 
  • Help rebuild rainforests.
Many critical decisions made by large corporations in running a successful business can be detrimental to people and the planet. When focus is solely on the financial bottom line, workers, suppliers and the environment pay the highest price. Sustainable awareness is growing globally. Companies all over the world are renewing their commitment to the environment and the people working for them.
John Elkington created a method in the 1990s that not only focused on profits but also incorporated people and the planet. This is known as The Triple Bottom Line model. This accounting framework incorporates three dimensions of performance – profits, planet, and people. It has grown to be an important tool to support sustainability goals. When supporting companies that operate within the triple bottom line, you are directly voting with your money to demand standards for ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally responsible business.
As consumers, the more we support companies prioritizing the Triple Bottom Line, the less impact we have on our planet.
Benefits –
Workers all along the supply chain receive fair living wages and healthier work environments.
By investing in workers, companies can invest in their own future by aligning employees with career advancement.
Sustainable processes are used for reduction in our natural resource depletion.
Food companies can explore financial models that support more sustainable farming practices, valuing organic, biodiverse methods.
Companies give back to the communities that serve them.
To decide which actions, they should or should not take to make society more sustainable, governments can use sustainability assessments.
Air, water and land pollution are all reduced.
Rebuilds the culture behind business to one of unity supporting families, the community, and the planet.
Several companies are joining in support of sustainable business practices. There are many platforms – Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free, Fair-Trade, Fair Wage, so do your research.
Only support companies that are using the triple bottom line model.
Support initiatives that create transparency in business such as Fair Trade and Fair Living Wage.
Share this information with friends and family. The more aware people are of where their money is going when they shop, the more rapidly we can impact our people and the planet positively.


pics project progress


Ballincollig Tidy Towns 2022 litter picking got underway last Sunday with 22 Volunteers joining 4 Transition Year students for the hour. Because of the large number a wide area was covered.
The 4 Transition Year students did an amazing job with two of the Volunteers. They collected 10 one-ton bags of our ‘old favourites’ – the leaves.
As is usual some Volunteers continued their litter picks over the holiday season.
When this litter was added to what was collected during the Sunday litter pick, one bag of glass, one bag of cans and one bag of plastic were among them.  
The residents from Aylesbury Estate did some great work and as a result our Workers collected 6 bags of leaves/sweepings on Monday.