The All Ireland Pollinator Plan is very important to Ballincollig Tidy Towns. To show how committed we are we have developed a Pollinator Corridor stretching from Poulavone Roundabout to Classes with many areas in between.
On our Homepage we developed an Interactive Pollinator Corridor Map. Click on any of the bees to show individual pictures and names of the various areas of the Pollinator Corridor.
We will be adding to this Map as we go forward.
The boxes under the ‘Welcome To Ballincollig’ signs were planted on Sunday morning. These signs are located at the Inniscarra Bridge and at Killumney Road.
They will look very welcoming in the coming weeks.
The sunshine of last Sunday morning brought eighteen Volunteers and two Transition Year students out for the weekly Litter Pick.
Sixteen bags of Litter were collected.
The area around St. Oliver’s Cemetery was covered. Also, a large area from Carrigrohane through to Classis. 
During the week some of our Volunteers carried out Litter Picks and collected four bags of Litter, one bag of Glass and one bag of Cans.
One bag of Green Waste was collected from Leo Murphy Terrace.


What a wonderful sight. Since the Parklet was set up on Ballincollig’s Main Street there has been a wonderful response to it. Even before it had been planted, people were enjoying sitting in it and relaxing with a coffee or for a chat.
Several people have expressed disappointment that they could not get a seat there due to the fact that it is in constant use. This is excellent news.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
It was lovely to see our Volunteers enjoying a cuppa and chat after the Sunday Morning Litter Pick at the Parklet.
During the week the Ballincollig Tidy Towns Sign in the Allotment together with our two special Barrels were freshly planted up.
Both of these projects are in conjunction with Ballincollig Scout Group.
The Community Enhancement Programme (CEP) provides funding to community groups across Ireland to enhance facilities in disadvantaged areas. It is administered by the Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) in each Local Authority area. The Department provides funding to each Local Authority (LA) area and the LCDCs administer this funding locally to ensure funding is targeted appropriately towards addressing disadvantage in the areas that need it most.
The Community Enhancement Programme (CEP) 2021, funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development is currently open for applications. Forms are available online, along with the guidelines and the terms and conditions at https://submit.link/dm.
Closing date for applications is Sunday, 11th July 2021.
Further information is also available on Cork City Councils website  https://www.corkcity.ie




Kitty, Maureen and Mary continued their work on the raised bed at Westcliffe. Between them they collected twelve bags of Green Waste. Its great to see the result of all their hard work.
Poulavone Roundabout was the main focus of Tuesday’s Work Night. Ten Volunteers spent the best part of two hours weeding, edging and strimming. The Roundabout had become somewhat overgrown while we were in lockdown.    
The Volunteers also started cutting the grass on the Roundabout. After more than an hour and a half three one-ton bags of Grass and three one-ton bags of Green Waste were collected.
The grass had grown high and wild over the time. However, it was providing a great source of food for the bees. Once the Roundabout has been brought back to its former glory some additional planting will be added. The revamped Bee Boxes will then be returned.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns is indebted to McDonald’s Ballincollig for their sponsorship of the Poulavone Roundabout.   
Because of the lovely weather we are enjoying this week there has been a marked increase in the amount of water needed for the Planters in Ballincollig.
Watering on Monday evening by ‘The Waterboys’ took two and a-quarter-hours and thirteen hundred litres of water were used.  
This covered the Northern side of Main Street and some of the Planters at Eastgate.
On Tuesday night they finished off the watering at Eastgate and all Planters on the Southern Side of Main Street including the Towers and the Parklet. They also watered the Plants at Fr. Sexton Park, those on Station Road and also those at the Church of St Mary & St John’s. It took one and a-half hours and six hundred litres of water were used.
Thursday night’s watering took the two Pats three hours and they used thirteen hundred litres of water.
All Planters on the Railings and Poles, the Planters at Eastgate, the Towers and Parklet on Main Street, also the Plants on Station Road and at the church of St Mary and St John’s were watered and fed.
As a result of a clean-up by the Residents of Rosewood two one-ton bags of Green Waste were collected.
Eight bags of kerbside sweepings were collected for recycling.
Twenty-five bags of Green Waste were brought to the Allotment by John and Anthony also for recycling.
John cut the green on Killumney Road.
Anthony did some strimming in Carrigrohane.
Adrian continued with the weeding around the Hydrangeas. He is doing an amazing job. The place looks wonderful.
Denis did a great job cutting back the grass across from Gaelscoil Ui Riordan. Like with other areas we only cut back with the lawnmower to allow natural growth and assist Pollinators.
John did a makeover on the Flower-bed on Community Drive and around the bench.
On behalf of the Committee and Volunteers of Ballincollig Tidy Towns we congratulate Cllr. Colm Kelleher on being elected Lord Mayor of Cork.
A native of Ballincollig, we wish Colm and his family every success for the year ahead.
Eight Volunteers worked on the Poulavone Roundabout for the Thursday Work Night and it is great to see it looking good again. They worked for two hours and gathered six one-ton bags of Grass and six bags of Green Waste.
The grass has now been cut and the Flower-beds on the perimeter have been edged and weeded.
The centre section has been partially weeded and planting will be sorted in the coming week.
The Bee Boxes will be put back on the Roundabout at the start of next week.
We noticed that some Post Boxes were looking a little faded so we repainted them over the weekend.
The Recycling Bins have all been returned to their rightful place in the Car Park.