Baker Street links Station Road to the Car Park behind Quish’s SuperValu. It is a small street but one of the busiest in Ballincollig. We tackled this and it is amazing how much of a difference an hour made.
On Tuesday night  4 of our ladies took their spades and brushes and headed to Station Road. They worked their magic and what a difference. While most people thought the place was alright as it was, our ladies felt that it could be improved and worked at it until they were satisfied. It certainly looks great.
We have had a number of complaints from pedestrians about low hanging branches at Coolroe near Hodders Villas. We tackled them on Tuesday night and what an incredible difference two Volunteers, Liam and Neil, made. Afterwards, they also took the opportunity to clean weeds away from outside some business premises in the area.
We were delighted to welcome two new Volunteers to assist us on our work night. We tackled the traffic islands at the West Village. This was one of four projects that we had going on. In addition we had a group Watering, another group Litter Picking and a group cleaning Main Street.