As part of their Club Community initiative for 2022, Ballincollig Ladies Football Club began their involvement with Ballincollig Tidy Towns in style on Saturday morning with the U14 group.
Our youth have always given us reasons to be proud and none more so than these young people.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns is looking forward to deepening its community connections over the coming months.
What an amazing morning’s work 4 full bags of rubbish were collected.
Well done to everyone involved.


pic shows the happy group who were also joined by some parents


Last Saturday morning several Volunteers gathered to begin working on a new project. We began by removing some invasive plants and strimming near the ground to define a pathway. This was at the rear of Tesco underground carpark to the Old Fort Road. 
Afterwards we carried out a litter pick in the area.
This is the first of many projects we have planned for Saturday mornings.


pics show the effort was worthwhile

We had a great turnout on Sunday morning for the weekly litter pick with 23 Volunteers and 4 Transition Year students. Because of the large turnout, we were able to cover a very large area.
This week we welcomed Alicia and Niamh our two new TY students.  
As is the norm, several of our Volunteers carried out litter collections during the week.
The total number of bags collected included one bag of glass, one bag of cans and one bag of plastic.


Adrian segregated the litter at the Allotment on Monday morning and it yielded one bag of cans, three bags of plastic and a crate of glass.
Afterwards he emptied the cig/gum bins in the town centre.
On Wednesday he finished the time-consuming job of dead heading the hydrangeas at Carrigrohane.
Then on Thursday he began dead heading and tidying up the raised bed outside An Caislean on the Killumney Road.


The Ballincollig Tidy Towns watering trailer has been undergoing a major overhaul during the winter months.
The trailer was stripped down, the metalwork repaired and tanks replaced.
Rewiring the electrics, and repainting started this week. Hopefully, it will be back on the road in the coming weeks.


As part of one of our latest projects, we ordered some bird boxes and bat boxes from the local Mens Shed.
Look at what they delivered to us during the week. They are magnificent. We are indebted to this wonderful group. Thank you all so much.


pics from the week


After working tirelessly over the past number of years towards a spray free Ballincollig, this week Ballincollig Tidy Towns got news that David Joyce (Director of Services for Environmental Operations and Roads) confirmed after a Council meeting, the Council’s commitment to cease using glyphosate (apart from its continued usage for the treatment of Japanese Knotweed) throughout the city
This decision was made after talks with Ballincollig Tidy Towns, Councillors and several Community Groups.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns will now encourage its Resident Groups to follow this policy and discontinue the use of Glyphosate in all Estates and local neighbourhood maintenance.
Ballincollig community has always given its support to the tidy towns and we are confident that this change will be supported 100%. Each and every change we make is for the betterment of our community and for the climate as a whole and the results will not only benefit the people of Ballincollig but the generations to come.



Several generations of Ballincollig residents from Ballincollig Tidy Towns and Gaelscoil Ui Riordain participated in the programme Cleas Act which was recorded in January 2020 prior to Covid 19.
The programme provides a stage for our beautiful town and shows the work done by wonderful volunteers under the guidance of the Ballincollig Tidy Towns committee year after year.
‘Cleas Act’ features the interest of the pupils in their local community with the help and guidance of the experts!
Not only did everyone involved take on a new intergenerational music challenge but also shared stories and learned from each other.
The show proves that one is never too young or too old to learn and it highlights how much generations have in common in a close-knit vibrant Ballincollig community.
Bhi na glúinte eagsúla o Bhaile Slachthhara Bhaile an Chollaigh agus Ghealscoil Ui Ríordáin pairteach I dteannta a chéile  sa chlar “Cleas Act”. Deineadh taifead ar an gclár I Mí Eanáir 2020 roimh na paindéime.
Tugann an clár ardán d’ár sráidbhaile álainn agus an dian-obair a dhéanann na h-oibrithe deanacha faoi stiú Coiste na mBailte Slachtmhara blain I ndiaidh bliana.
Mhúscail and clár seo suim na ndaltái ina dtimpeallacht I gcomhair leis na saineolaithe seo.
Ghlac gach éinne idir óg agus aosta le dúshlán ceoil agus roinneadh scéalta le spraoi greann agus gáire.
Léiríonn an clár an méid a bhíonn conónta idir na glúinte agus crutháionn sé nach dtagann aon deireadh leis an bhfoghlaim
Neartaigh an próidéas an nasc idir na h-aoisghrúpaí éagsúla I bpobal fuinnuúil Balile and Chollaigh.

Sunday 27th 20:30-21:00 TG4