On Tuesday the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring, T.D., has announced the cancellation of the National Tidy Towns Competition for this year in the interests of public health and safety.
In reply to this announcement, the Chairman of Ballincollig Tidy Towns, Mr. Tom Butler has said it would be a fitting tribute to all the Frontline and Essential Workers and to the entire community to ensure that Ballincollig looks its best for people to enjoy when some restrictions are lifted. He added that Ballincollig Tidy Towns intends to go ahead with the various projects and flower displays already planned for the town this year and so they will carry on regardless despite the Competition being cancelled. We will of course always adhere to whatever restrictions are in place he said.
The vibrant colours throughout the town together with all the Regional Park has to offer, will help lift peoples’ spirits, while still adhering to social distancing. In March, several new initiatives were announced with regard to both a Spray Free Town and increasing the Pollinator Corridor and so it will be very important to go forward with these.
Unfortunately, in the past week there has been an increased number of both people and cars on our streets. Some are venturing further than they should and it is such a shame. We have to stay the distance and see this through. The majority have worked so hard and done all that has been asked of them during this uncertain time.
How often during a life are we called upon to play our part in keeping people ‘safe’ and not allow a killer in our community claim more lives. It should be enough for us to step up to the plate and do what is asked until the danger has passed. We may not be out on the frontline saving lives or essential workers keeping everything going in the community so that our lives can continue, but by not doing our bit we are disrespecting their tireless and selfless work.
As a country, we have lost so many but by staying the distance we can honour their memories. Of course, there will always be those who feel the restrictions don’t apply to them and ignore what is asked of them. Perhaps, in time, their children will be the ‘elderly’ the next generation will be making every effort to keep safe should another pandemic threaten the world.
But, for the most part, we can be proud of the efforts we have made so far. However, it is so important not to become complacent but keep adhering to the restrictions until the country is safe enough to allow for them to be lifted. We have to be guided by those who are working so hard to find a way forward.
Please stay the distance for all our sake.
This time of year, would normally be a very busy time for Ballincollig Tidy Towns Committee and Volunteers. However, due to the Coronavirus and the restrictions put on us with regard to same, our work is at a standstill. However, some of our Volunteers are carrying out their own Litter Picks while adhering to social distancing and wearing the appropriate PPE, all the while keeping within the 2km radius.
They spent six hours in total between them and in that time collected seven and a half bags of litter. It was very disappointing to see so much litter on the ground.
Please make the effort to put your litter into any one of the many litter bins around the town.
The Residents of Innishmore have been very busy while adhering to the Covid-19 Guidelines. They painted all the kerbs black and white. The result is striking and it brightens what is normally a very busy road. The work took nearly a week to complete. Well done to everyone in Innishmore.
This picture of the launch of the 1983 Belle of Ballincollig Festival which took place in Beamish and Crawford, South Main Street, Cork on 28th June was recently sent to us. So many faces, some sadly no longer with us. Who do you recognize? Perhaps you are there yourself.
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