The 2019 Local Elections are fast approaching  and, as in previous elections, we are asking that ALL Candidates observe the area we have designated as a ‘No Poster Area’.
The photos show the Eastern and Western Boundaries and we in Ballincollig Tidy Towns, ask that no posters be hung within these boundaries. .
A number of the Candidates have already confirmed to us that they will observe the boundaries and we appreciate their support. Hopefully the remaining Candidates will follow their lead and respect our request.
When posters are being hung, we ask that Candidates ensure they are put up properly so that they are not likely to fall after the first gust of wind. Often, when they are not secured properly, they look unsightly and can be an obstruction for drivers.
Similarly, after the election we ask that all posters be removed together with all of the dreadful CABLE TIES.   
Your support and cooperation will be greatly appreciated and we, in Ballincollig Tidy Towns, wish every Candidate success.