Epilepsy Ireland National Conference Officially Launched

-Conference to take place on 28th September at Radisson Blu, Little Island-


The countdown to Epilepsy Ireland’s National Conference has officially begun following a launch event for the conference earlier this week

The annual event for the non-profit organisation will return to Cork next month for the first time since 2003 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Little Island.

Taking place on the 28th September, the one-day conference will feature presentations and information events by medical experts & people with epilepsy working in and researching the neurological condition. 

It is estimated that there are approximately 40,000 persons with epilepsy across the country and the National Conference is an opportunity for persons with epilepsy, their families and the wider community to learn more about the condition, according to Epilepsy Ireland’s Cork-based Community Resource Officer, Niamh Jones.

Speaking at the launch event, Ms. Jones commented, “Epilepsy is a very common neurological condition and can present itself in very different forms from person to person. In the majority of cases, seizures can be managed through medication however other cases can be more complex.

Epilepsy Ireland’s National Conference allows persons with epilepsy, their families, healthcare professionals and indeed, the wider community to come together and discuss the research that is ongoing on the condition, how best for persons to manage their epilepsy while also shining a light on the fact that the condition is one that does not prevent those with it from living their fullest lives.”

The Community Resource Officer, who serves the people of Cork alongside her colleague Loretta Kennedy, also encouraged locals to come along and learn more about epilepsy, commenting “The national conference is an ideal opportunity people to learn more about epilepsy, how it affects people differently and how being diagnosed with the condition, should never be seen a barrier. I have no doubt that the people of Cork will support our National Conference tenfold.”

Epilepsy Ireland’s Director of Services, Tara Smith, echoed her colleague’s comments explaining how Epilepsy is still often misunderstood. 

Ms Smith explained, “Epilepsy is an often misunderstood and stigmatised condition be it in the playground or in the workplace. It can unfortunately lead to the social and educational isolation of a person who has been diagnosed and oftentimes, this is due to a lack of understanding of the condition by employers, schools or the wider community.

Through the work or our Community Resource Officers like Niamh & Loretta, we as an organisation strive to ensure that no person’s life is adversely affected by epilepsy and one key element to achieving this is by increasing knowledge, understanding and awareness of the condition.

That is why our National Conference is such a focal point of our year as it brings everyone who is working in the epilepsy field together along with persons with Epilepsy themselves and the wider community to discuss ways forward and how we can overcome the stigmas associated with the condition. We are delighted to be returning to Cork this year for this centrepiece of the Epilepsy Ireland calendar.”

The conference will feature a strong Cork contingent with Dr Daniel Costello, consultant neurologist at Cork University Hospital speaking on developments on the treatment of Epilepsy while Dr. Chris McCusker Paediatric Neuropsychologist, University College, Cork will be hosting a discussion for families with children with epilepsy on how best to balance the implications of Epilepsy with family life. 

For further information on Epilepsy Ireland’s National Conference or to book a place, please visit www.epilepsy.ie