Ms. Heather Humphreys T.D. the Minister for Rural and Community Development, together with Mr Ian Allen Managing Director of SuperValu launched the 2022 SuperValu TidyTowns competition in Ennis earlier today.
This year the competition will revert to pre-covid Adjudication practices with an Adjudicator visiting all town and village entrants.
Before completing the entry form, all are strongly encouraged to read the 2022 Information Booklet.
There are a few minor changes to the form. Entrants are no longer being asked to list Future Projects (FP). These should be included in the 3/5 year plan on the form. Under Community Planning and Involvement, entrants only need identify one specific project where particular effort was applied. All projects should be included afterwards in the relevant categories.
All information relating to the competition and this year’s special awards can be found at www.tidytowns.ie 
Entry to the competition is by email only, postal or late entries cannot be accepted. The closing date will be Friday 20th May.


As part of their community work with Ballincollig Tidy Towns, the Education Team from VMWare Ballincollig carried out an extensive litter pick in the Regional Park this morning Thursday 7th April.
What a happy bunch. Judging by the number of bags their morning was both busy and productive.


Always remain environmentally responsible. 
Now that April is here it is time for us to begin to take control of our lawns. Spring lawns can be slow to start growing if the temperature of the soil remains low. A shortage of nutrients especially nitrogen, can also slow down new growth. It may be necessary to apply a lawn fertilizer or high-nitrogen fertilizer. Trim lawn edges where they meet paths and borders.
April is also a good time to over-seed an old lawn that is a little thin or to sow a new lawn. Scarify, then sow seed and at the same time add feed. A poor lawn can be rejuvenated in a matter of weeks.
But remember – Do NOT apply fertilizer to wildflower lawn areas.
Flower beds and borders should be tidied. Remove weeds in borders before they take hold.
Emerging shoots of perennial flowers should be checked for slug and snail damage during this month. Perennials from pots should be planted. Make sure they are well watered. Bedding plants raised from seeds should be grown on, spacing them out giving them enough room to grow.
Tubers of begonias and dahlias, and corms of gladiolus can be planted outside where they will flower in the coming weeks.


After undergoing a complete revamp, our Watering Unit is ready and on standby for the upcoming watering season.


On Thursday morning, Adrian was busy edging the area from the Gaelscoil to the Killumney Road. Thirty bags of green waste were collected and taken to the allotment for recycling in the compost bays.
What an amazing difference a clean-cut edge makes to the area with plenty of areas for wildlife to thrive.


Eighteen Volunteers were joined by 3 Transition Year students on Sunday for the weekly litter pick. The weather was pleasant and they managed to cover a large area in the hour.
Some of our Volunteers were also busy during the week and carried out several litter picks on Main Street.
The entire litter collected was taken to the Allotment where one of our Workers spent time at the start of the week sorting and segregating it into general waste, cans, plastic and glass.
Another bag of cans and 1 bag of glass were collected.
Residents at Leo Murphy Terrace were busy and gathered 1 bag of grass cuttings which were collected and taken for composting.


This year’s Darkness Into Light takes place on the morning of 7th of May at 04.15am.
This year it starts and ends at Ballincollig Community School (BCS).
The route is the same as previous years.
Register now at www.darknessintolight.ie



A few weeks ago, Ballincollig Tidy Towns highlighted the issue of used nappies being discarded on the roadside. Although we pleaded with those involved to stop, the issue has escalated to such a degree that we are now taking steps to involve the Gardai.
The nappies have been discarded at the following places –
21st March near Killumney Road Roundabout.
26th on Barry’s Road.
30th March on Barry’s Road.
3rd April on Barry’s Road.
And the latest, 7th April on the back road.
As these people don’t give a damn about the health of others, nor do they care about the community or the work our Volunteers and Workers do to keep the town litter free, procedures are being put in place to put an end to this.



With warmer weather approaching we should be looking at ways to make our gardens more wildlife friendly. There are endless varieties of plants available to attract pollinating and beneficial insects. From perennials and wildflowers for solitary bees to traditional buddleia perfect for butterflies. Any addition will make a big difference to wildlife. All wildlife – birds, insects, amphibians and mammals coming out of hibernation – need clean, fresh water so adding a water feature where possible is a good idea.
You do not need to have a garden. Patios and balconies can be just as delightful with hanging baskets, pots with dwarf planting, even wall or window mounted bird feeders.


pics from the week: