A reminder that hedge-cutting is banned from the end of February until the end of August has been issued by the Government. This is to protect wildlife during nesting season.
The Wildlife Act states that roadside hedge-cutting is only permitted between 1 September and the end of February. It prohibits cutting, grubbing, burning or destruction of vegetation.
This is to protect and maintain wildlife diversity by establishing areas where birds, in particular, can thrive during the nesting season.
Exceptions to this legislation are for works undertaken in the ordinary course of agriculture or forestry, for public health and safety reasons (including road safety), for the destruction of noxious weeds and for the development of sites for building.
As we move through the spring and summer months, The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) of the Department of Local Government and Housing people to be aware of this ban.
In Ireland hedges are of exceptional importance in providing food and shelter, habitats and corridors for maintaining wildlife diversity, not only for birds, but also for other fauna and for wild plants, as there is relatively low cover of native woodland.
“Wrens, dunnocks, robins, thrushes and willow warblers as well as many rarer species depend greatly on hedgerow habitats” they said.
Birds favour untrimmed, thorned hedgerows containing shrubs such as blackthorn, whitethorn, holly, briars and brambles as they provide food, shelter, nesting places and protection from predators during the breeding season.


As the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital wish to brighten up a temporary corridor leading to their Vaccination Centre, they are looking for boys and girls of all ages to paint pictures for them. Paint whatever picture you like.
A4 size would be ideal.
Sample of a lovely painting that has already been sent to them .
Because there has been so much interest in this already, they have decided to run a competition.  Prizes for the different age categories.
Once you have completed your picture, post it to the hospital. Mark the envelope ‘Poster’ and for the attention of Colm Murray.
Don’t forget to put your name, age and contact details on a separate sheet.
Closing date is 19 March, 2021
Last Sunday morning there were over ten Volunteers out litter picking.
Kitty’s total for the week (including Sunday morning) amounted to three bags of Litter, one bag of Glass, one bag of Plastic and one bag of Cans.
Denis collected two bags of Litter over Saturday and Sunday.
Ferghal, Sheila, Martin and Christine each gathered one bag of Litter. A Resident from Innishmore also collected one bag of Litter.
Tom collected two bags of Litter.
Tony and Dan also gathered Litter.
The areas covered were –

Poulavone Roundabout through to Classis. Old Fort Road. Car park in the Town Centre,  and Killumney Road Roundabout to Station Road.
Two bags of Green Waste were collected from Beech Road.
Five one-ton bags (fifty black refuse bags) of pruning were collected from trees on Beech Road.
From next Sunday we will be doing some additional works. The first job we intend to tackle are the signs around Ballincollig. These need to be washed/cleaned as a green ‘gunk’ has accumulated on many over the last few months.
All Volunteers will of course adhere to the government guidelines that are in place.
At a time when we need to stay apart, it is important that we still feel connected to one another. Come together ‘virtually’ with people from all over Ireland, for the Aware Paddy’s Day Walk in support of Aware’s mental health services.
The event is virtual so you can take part in your locality. You choose the distance and the route. Start your route from your front door, do laps of your garden, whatever you choose to do.
We all know fresh air, nature and movement all offer a host of benefits for your mental wellbeing. So, Aware are encouraging everyone to get out and about, and do something good for yourself, and others! Whether you go on your own, with your household or bubble, or with your dog, they would love to see your photos. 
Be sure to spread the word and encourage your family and friends to get involved and use #AwarePaddysDayWalk on social media.
All participants will receive a set of green shoelaces so you can ‘lace up’ for the Aware Paddy’s Day Walk and show your support for mental health.
Please keep yourself and others safe. Abide by all government guidelines and restrictions, in relation to Covid-19.
Aware continues to see a sustained increase in demand for their services as we all adjust to living with Covid-19. Your participation, your fundraising, or your donation, can help ensure they can be there for anyone who needs them. Every euro counts.
For more information and to register visit
With Covid-19 restrictions continuing to impact on public events, the annual Darkness into Light event is set to take place on Saturday 8th May 2021. Participants are asked to complete the 5km walk or run ‘in their own time’ while adhering to all relevant public health guidelines that may still be in place.
This year Darkness Into Light is being brought to you, as we cannot gather together at the usual venues. All supporters are being asked to don their yellow t-shirts and take part in the event at a time and location that is suitable to them.
You can sign up for a ‘Special Sunrise Event’ – Walk, Swim, Bike or simply share your sunrise moment – or you can take part in the Darkness Into Light Challenge. When you select this option, the sign-up fee for anyone who pledges to fundraise €150 will be waived.
Get creative with your activity. Remember that no matter how you choose to take part this year, you’ll be giving the gift of hope to those in your community in suicidal crisis, or self-harming.
The safety of all participants is the highest priority, so everyone is asked to ensure that they adhere to the government’s Covid 19 guidelines at all times while taking part in the event. All those walking or running should ensure that their route is properly lit at the time they plan to take part, and that there are no hazards.
Please make sure all equipment is in good condition, that weather conditions are suitable for the activity you are undertaking. Do not take part in any high-risk activities alone or without the proper support and training. All participants in Darkness Into Light 2021 take part at their own risk and should be appropriately insured.
For the first time ever this year’s Monster Credit Union Schools Quiz has gone virtual.
Open to all ages from kids to parents, grannies to grandads test your knowledge and try to top the Leader Board.
There will be three instalments of this quiz with new questions added each month in the run up to the big premiere.
For all the information you need
Although the Vaccination roll out isn’t as fast as we would all like it to be, the availability of vaccines is to blame for the most part. Last Saturday many of Ballincollig’s over 85s got their first dose at MTU (former CIT) with others of a similar age.
The most up to date figures that are available are from Monday 1 March.
446,474 people have been vaccinated. 303,550 of these have received their first dose and 142,924 have received their second dose.
Hopefully, the figures will have increased considerably by this time next week.
As part of its commitment to #BreakUpWithPlastic and find plastic-free alternatives instead, Ballincollig Tidy Towns has invested in some wonderful tote shopping bags which were very kindly sponsored.
As many of the town’s older citizens often struggle with plastic bags when doing their shopping, the Tidy Towns thought it might be a nice idea to make it easier for them with one of the new tote reusable bags. They are brightly coloured to offer some cheer and large enough to hold plenty of shopping. Oh and they are totally environmentally friendly.