Ballincollig Tidy Towns received a number of Plants from Tesco. Since then most of them have already been planted at the Allotment.
Four bags of Litter were collected from Rosewood.
Early Wednesday morning the Planters at Inniscarra Bridge and Killumney Road were watered.
John continued his work preparing the ditch on Barry’s Road.
Adrian worked on the area near the raised bed at An Caislean.


Our Work Nights allow us to tackle a wide range of projects that are essential to the overall look of the town. Many people probably don’t notice this work as they go about their day but what we get through in the few hours on both nights certainly pays off.
This year has seen more Volunteers come out and join us and they bring their own set of skills with them allowing us to get through a greater variety of work. An example of this is some good old-fashioned weeding on Main Street.


Tuesday Work Night was another busy night. We had six Volunteers assisting in clearing the weeds on the street. One Volunteer was dead heading the Planters. The Waterboys were out for the second night watering and we had one Volunteer cutting the grass on Poulavone Roundabout.
The Window Boxes are designed to hold 25 litres of water, which is sufficient for seven days using 3.5 litres per day.
However, due to the heatwave, on Monday the boxes took on average 20 litres per box and used an average of 4.8 litres per day or approximately 50% above average.



On Sunday morning we had seventeen Volunteers out in the wonderful sunshine collecting litter.
It was disappointing to see so many bins overflowing which led to a lot of litter on the streets.
Eleven bags of Litter were collected in total.
During the week the usual Volunteers were out doing daily Litter Picking. They collected five bags of Litter, one bag of Cans, one bag of Plastic and one bag of Glass in total.
Watering continued on Friday night from Quish’s SuperValu on Main Street to Muskerry Junction. They also watered the Parklet, the Towers, Station Road and the Church of St Mary and St John using four hundred and fifty litres. It took over an hour and a half in total.
With the wonderful weather we’ve been having, we used four thousand two hundred litres of water watering all the Planters etc. This also included watering the Pollinators on Poulavone Roundabout.
This week despite having an extra two hundred litres of water in drums on board, the two Pats ran out of water half way through watering the Planters at Eastgate. It took them two and a half hours and they used fifteen hundred litres of water. All the Window Boxes, Wooden Planters and Poles on the Northern side of Ballincollig plus half of the Planters at Eastgate were watered.
They started  the next day at Eastgate where they had run out of water on the Monday and continued to water, all the Southern side of Main Street including the Towers, the Parklet, Station Road  and the Church of St Mary and St John. 
They also returned to the Planters at the front of the Maxol station and across the road on the Inniscarra Road. A total of thirteen hundred litres of water were used and it took them two and a quarter hours.
They also re-watered the Eastgate Planters from the previous night. These Planters alone took five hundred litres. The Planters they didn’t get to water the previous night were completely dry.

Some of the Window Boxes at Maxol and on the Traffic Island across the road are struggling from the heat. So too are the Poles from the Oriel House Hotel to Muskerry together with all the Planters at Eastgate. 

Tony and Gay did some watering on the Poulavone Roundabout and used up another one thousand litres of water.
Thursday night’s watering took the Waterboys two and a half hours.
All Planters on both sides of Main Street, the Towers and the Parklet, Station Road and the Church of St. Mary and St. John were also watered.
They used fourteen hundred litres of water. 
It took both two and a half hours.
Including Tony’s watering this morning a total of two thousand three hundred litres of water were used today.





Thursday morning saw the ‘relief watering crew’ out.
They watered Fr. Sexton Park, the Planters at Eastgate and the Railing Planters near The White Horse.
In total nine hundred litres of water were used.
 We had seven Volunteers out for the Thursday Work Night.
They were Litter Picking and cleaning along the footpaths and kerbs on a section of Main Street.  
We took time out in the sweltering heat to enjoy an ice cream together.