This page is dedicated to projects that we in Ballincollig Tidy Towns have undertaken over the past number of years. These projects proved successful for our Town and we were delighted to see that other Tidy Towns have adopted similar projects. This is what it is all about, the sharing and adopting of ideas so that all communities will have something worthwhile for future generations.



As part of the Community Allotments, Ballincollig Tidy Towns were given a large enclosed area to use to store equipment etc. The site is directly behind Scoil Barra. We looked at the levels of water that came off the roof of the school and flowed directly into the drains. Some of our volunteers came up with an idea to take the water and run it to our own specially built tank farm.The Rain Water gathers on the roof of the school and is collected and transferred to a bank of IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) Tanks. Eight IBC Tanks were us and we proceeded to run pipes to link them all together.The result is that we have 10,000 Litres of water available to us at any time. We are using a solar panel to charge the battery to pump the water from the Lower Tanks to the Water Tanker which is then used to water some 130 Planters throughout Ballincollig over the summer and autumn months. This has been a huge success.



People disposing of their Cigarette Butts or Chewing Gum affects Ballincollig as much as anywhere else. Ballincollig Tidy Towns decided to do something about it and did some research on dual bins. We sourced them in the UK and since putting them in place, there has been a marked improvement in the levels of both of these unsightly items around the streets. We empty the bins every Sunday and are constantly amazed at the amounts people put into them,.Other Tidy Towns Committees have asked where we got them. After being in a position to advise them, we are pleased to see the idea being used by others. 
This was a joint initiative between Cork County Council and Ballincollig Tidy Towns 
Ballincollig is a beautiful place to walk but we in Tidy Towns were conscious that people walking with their dogs had nowhere to dispose of their dog waste. We approached Cork County Council and jointly set about putting a large number of Dog Fouling Bins in strategic locations throughout Ballincollig. The result has been extremely positive and we constantly keep this under review. This initiative has been followed by other towns and villages as they can see our very positive results.


A FAIRY TRAIL was created in Ballincollig’s Regional Park.  Since this wonderful FAIRY TRAIL opened, there have been many magical moments for hundreds of families. Little children have come and left their baby teeth for the TOOTH FAIRY, their soothers for the BABY FAIRY and their wishes for the DREAM FAIRY. These are only some of the many fairies who live behind the tiny colourful doors scattered among the trees throughout the trail. This year we are hoping to have many more special times here for the children and their parents. New fairies will be revealed and their stories told. Hopefully we will have exciting competitions throughout the Summer period. So make sure you come visit these mystical creatures when next in BALLINCOLLIG’S REGIONAL PARK.  
Ballincollig Tidy Towns created Wash Down Saturday so that signs, poles, benches, bins etc. be kept clean throughout the year. It will give all places throughout Ballincollig the chance to be in tip top shape all year round. Residents work hard throughout the year to keep their estates in the best condition possible. The Work Down Saturdays will now allow for the various signs, bins, poles and benches in each estate to be kept clean and not have any build up of dirt going forward.
Our first Wash Down Saturday held on 27th April was a great success despite Storm Hannah!!
Last Saturday, despite the stormy weather of the night before, several Volunteers came out to support Ballincollig Tidy Town rolling out their first Wash Down Saturday. Many people took to the streets and washed and cleaned signs, benches, bins etc.
What amazing results. We were delighted with the work that was done during the few hours. Several businesses washed their premises down prior to the day. Groups, clubs and schools have agreed that they will do wash downs in the coming weeks as part of the Wash Down Saturday. Some businesses have agreed to wash down their premises in the next few weeks.
Wash Down Saturday will be rolled out again by Ballincollig Tidy Towns in July. Your continued support will of course be welcomed.