Sixteen Volunteers together with one Transition Year Student gathered for the weekly Litter Pick on a wonderfully sunny Sunday morning.
The ground they covered in the hour went from Poulavone Roundabout to Classes. St. Oliver’s Cemetery and the Regional Park were also covered.
Sixteen bags of Litter were collected.
One bag of Green Waste was collected from Leo Murphy Terrace.
Our Volunteers were out during the week and they collected six bags of Litter, four bags of Glass, one bag of Plastic and one bag of Cans.
Kitty had her trolley with her while out Litter Picking and it was overflowing with empty bottles she collected on her route.
Thursday morning Kitty was out again and came across a lot of rubbish. This included nineteen empty beer bottles.
She segregates as she goes – Litter, Glass and Plastic.


The ‘Waterboys’ watered all the Planters on Main Street, the Towers and the Parklet on Friday night. They also watered the Planters at Eastgate.
It took them two and a-quarter hours and they used twelve hundred litres of water.
Each week the Plants get stronger and the colours look absolutely gorgeous.
With the wonderful sunshine we are enjoying at the moment it was important to keep the Planters watered.
On Monday the two Pats watered all the Planters near the White Horse and all the Northern side of Main Street. They watered Eastgate, Fr. Sexton Park and the Southern side of the street as far as Quish’s SuperValu. It took two and a-quarter hours and they used thirteen hundred litres of water.
Tuesday night the remainder of Main Street from Quish’s SuperValu to Muskerry Estate Junction was watered. Also, the Parklet, the two Towers, the Church of St. Mary & St. John and Station Road. This took them one and a-quarter hours and they used three hundred litres of water.
The two Pats were watering again on Thursday night and it took two and a-quarter hours.
The entire Northern side of Main Street was watered but when the two of them reached the last Planter at Eastgate, the water had run out. They will return on Friday night to finish off.
Thirteen hundred litres of water were used.




Planters at Eastgate and at Muskerry Junction.
John gave some of the Plants in the Wooden Planters on Main Street a trim on Saturday morning to give the other Plants a chance to develop.
As the Plants in the Planters at Eastgate grow and flower, it is more difficult when watering to see when the reservoirs are full.
In order not to waste water one of our Volunteers came up with the idea to put little pieces of hose pipe onto a fitting at the overflow hole.
Denis tackled the area outside the unused site on Baker Street on Sunday morning.
It had been overgrown for some time so he cut it back and tidied it up.
It has made such a difference to this area.


The one hundred Pollinator Friendly Plants that were planted on the Poulavone Roundabout last week were in dire need of water.
We made a call to local company O’Donovan Agri and they very kindly gave us a bowser with one thousand litres.
It took Tony and Gay one and a half hours watering everything on the Roundabout.
As the new Plants appear to be struggling with the very hot weather, they were back on the Roundabout on Wednesday night. They spent one and a half hours watering and used one thousand litres of water.




The Planters under the Ballincollig Signs were watered during the week.
Some strimming was carried out at the Killumney Road Ballincollig Sign.
John and Anthony cut the grass on the Old Fort Road in the beautiful sunshine.
Six bags of Green Waste were collected from the Residents of Carrigdene.
Also, six bags of Kerbside Cleaning were collected from Rosewood.
Adrian had a busy morning as he gave the Hydrangeas and Heathers the once over to make sure all was in order and the job fully completed.
The entire area is looking wonderful and many of the Hydrangeas have begun to flower.
Some of our Volunteers made themselves busy dead-heading the Flowers at various times during the week.  This has certainly helped.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns got a call from Tesco Ballincollig offering us eleven trays of flowers that had passed their best.
These were collected and moved to the Allotment where they will be placed in the Polytunnel until strong enough to be planted out.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns, in association with Cork City Council, has a Green Waste skip in the Allotments.
Due to the high volume of work, the skip had to be replaced this week.


Four Volunteers cut the grass on the Poulavone Roundabout during Tuesday’s Work Night.
Eight one-ton bags of Grass were collected and it took an hour and a half to complete.
The intention going forward is to mulch the grass when we cut it.
On Thursday’s Work Night three Volunteers were out dead-heading the Planters near Maxol and the Inniscarra Road Junction. They spent one and a-half hours on this work. Meanwhile three more Volunteers were cleaning the Traffic Islands in the same area. 


On Sunday morning our Volunteers were treated to a selection of beautiful Cupcakes from Sadie’s Cupcakes.
Sarah and David wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ for all the work done by Ballincollig Tidy Towns.
What a delicious treat.