Although we have been extremely happy with our planters this year, we have had a number of casualties due to wind and believe it or not, drowning. The drownings occurred when the overflow hole in the reservoir got blocked and the water filled up and drowned the plants. We have already taken steps to rectify this for next year.
This week, we purchased some more flowers to fill in the blanks.
The above was our intended article for this week’s Newsletter until last night when all the planters fell victim to one very angry woman. She wreaked havoc on the entire lot, ripping through Ballincollig in a fit of fury. Each planter’s contents getting a severe tongue lashing that sadly they are unable to come back from.
Unfortunately, it has been agreed that all planters will now be removed, cleaned and stored in preparation for next year. Despite this disappointing turn of events, we are excited about next year’s planters, having already chosen the new colour scheme.
We put so much time and effort into our Compost Bays at the Allotment resulting in a very good compost.
Folks take note! This compost is solely for the use of Ballincollig Tidy Towns. It is essential for our work around the town throughout the year. During lockdown, people helped themselves to the entire lot we had collected in the bays at the Allotment so we had to start from scratch again.
We now have a wonderful new compost supply.
Unfortunately, due to the new restrictions with regard to group gatherings, the next beautifulLee River Event earmarked to take place on Saturday 5 September has been postponed for now. A fun packed event had been organised with a very interesting person coming to speak. However, hopefully the event will be held in the coming weeks. Your continued support is appreciated.
On Sunday morning last sixteen Volunteers gathered for the weekly Litter Pick. The bins in the Town Centre were full and the place was quite dirty which was disappointing. And so, the main focus was here.
A total of nine bags of waste were collected.
During the week a number of Volunteers carried out several Litter Picks and eight bags of waste and one bag of glass were collected.
Two bags of green waste were collected from work done on the flowerbeds in Fr. Sexton Park.

This week we continued surveying the planters throughout Ballincollig and firmed up where additional planters would be needed for 2021.
Denis continued his painstaking work sanding and painting the wooden benches. This week he worked on those at Eastgate.
Our Volunteer Jacqueline spent a lot of time dead heading and tidying the planters on the traffic island at Innishmore Junction and what a difference it made. Such a shame Ellen scuppered all her hard work.
Some of the recycled plants we received from Tesco were planted on Flynn’s Road by John. The flowers from the towers on Main Street will be replanted on Flynn’s Road. We will be looking at making this a Pollinator Friendly area.
On Tuesday morning our CE Workers began cleaning the kerbside debris on Main Street which the road sweeper was unable to shift.
Work in the Allotment continued this week. John and Adrian were busy here turning the compost, weeding the flowerbeds and painting the new sleepers.