On Sunday morning 28 Volunteers and Cillian, one of our Transition Year Students were out for the Weekly Litter Pick. We also managed to carry out other works. Denis and Cillian put up signage on Poulavone Roundabout. Eugene worked on Main Street cleaning under the seats while John and Anne worked in the Allotment. The remainder were litter picking. A large area from Carrigrohane to Classes including the Regional Park was covered. 
When this litter was put with that collected during the week by various Volunteers it totaled 17 bags of Litter, 1 bag of Plastic and 1 bag of Cans.
Pat collected 4 bags of kerb sweepings from Fr. Sexton Park and 3 bags of green waste from Old Quarter. Well done to these residents for their hard work.
We all gathered at The Plaza for a chat and cuppa as well as some lovely Lemon Drizzle Cake.



Very Early Sunday morning 2 of our volunteers cleaned around the traffic islands at Carrigrohane Junction. The work made a huge difference.


One of our Volunteers, Jarlath did a major job on a section of the lane that runs from behind Westgate down to Ballincollig Community School. Photos show before, during and after. A great job and another project completed.



As part of the DCs for Bees initiative, BTT planted 100 fruit trees. How wonderful now to see fruit beginning to appear on them.  
DCs For Bees is an industry initiative led by Host in Ireland to help save Ireland’s declining bee population. This sub initiative aims to bring an industry together in a way that has never been done before. 
The people of this industry are looking to make a difference. This initiative gives them the opportunity to not only make an individual difference but the tools to educate, advocate, create awareness and take action. Host In Ireland and its data centre industry partners are uniting to make a difference by pledging to deliver on actions to make Ireland more pollinator friendly and ensure the survival of our pollinators for future generations. 



Tuesday morning one of our workers, Sunday, did a fantastic job removing the suckers from the trees on the Link Road. Meanwhile Adrian and Tomas were busy weeding the Hydrangeas in Carrigrohane.



On Monday evening the Waterboys were heading out to water the planters when one of the tyres on the Watering Unit burst. Unfortunately, watering had to be abandoned before they ever got started.
On Wednesday morning the wheel was removed and brought to R & R Tyres to have it repaired. Jerry and the team put a new tyre on it and refused to take any payment for it.
This kind of support is greatly appreciated by all in Ballincollig Tidy Towns and is an example of the fantastic community spirit that exists in Ballincollig.



On Tuesday morning the remaining sections of the 4-tiered towers for Main Street were collected. With the help of one of the local barbers and the Waterboys, they were all put in place. The reservoirs were then filled with water and feed.



On Tuesday evening 15 Volunteers gathered on Barrys Road to work and in the space of an hour the entire area was cleared and all debris removed. We had a very positive meeting with a Biodiversity Officer from Cork City Council.
We will be working on revamping the runabout in the coming days and we as that people bear with us as this work is being done.



Ballincollig Tidy Towns appreciates the work the various Residents’ Associations are doing and whenever possible work closely with them to support them. This week we were happy to work with Alysbury Estate and Rosewood.



Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Low Mood…If any of these issues are familiar to you then you are in fact a normal human being!  Life has become so unnatural as we are constantly bombarded with technology and are living life at a faster pace than ever and sadly all these issues are becoming more and more common.
Heal your body and mind using the most natural and ancient tradition which was originally used by royalty to heal, rest and recharge the body.  You will not believe the healing power of resting with the bees until you try it.
What are Bee Beds?
As the name suggests Bee beds are when you rest or sleep on top of the Bee Hives.  Of course the Bees do NOT have access to your room so you can rest in peace!
The Idea of Bee beds is as old as Bee Keeping itself, but has been long forgotten as an alternative form of therapy, but is emerging again as people are seeking a deeper form of natural healing.
It is no secret that beekeepers feel a sense of calm and peace when they are close to an active Beehive.  This is because there is a micro vibrational field of energy that is passed from the hive to the body.  Other factors at play here in the healing process are the sound and smell from the hive.
Of course, we cannot all be Beekeepers and up till now you could not experience the healing power of bees.  Through the random meeting of an Irish and Ukrainian beekeeper (Paul & Anton) we have designed and built the first Bee Bed House in Ireland.
The Experience
You are greeted and briefed on the process.  For safety you wear a bee veil until you enter the room where bees have NO access to you.  You are completely SAFE inside the bee house!!
We have designed and built this unique Bee Bed hut using the best and most natural materials, the feel and design is based on bees and nature, you will enter the most amazing and natural space and will feel an immense sense of calm and peace.
The magic of the bee beds works on the main senses of the human body.  As you lie on the bee bed:
  • You will Smell the healing particles of the hive – Propolis, Wax, Honey & Pollen.
  • Your body will feel and absorb the micro vibrational energy & heat given off by thousands of bees happily working beneath your body.
  • You will hear the soothing sound of the Bees which will act as a meditation tool for the mind.
All you have to do is lie down on the bed and rest while the bees do the work.
You will never forget this life changing experience.
Note: there are 2 beds in the bee house so you can book and share the experience with a friend or partner.
Please read the Bee Beds Terms & Conditions.
Alternatively, you can call 087 1700045 to book direct or for more info.



Wednesday morning, work on the Westcliffe bed continued. Weeding has been completed bark mulch is being spread. This is done in order to keep the weeds from growing back.
Our Workers Sunday, Thomas and Gay worked in the intense heat to complete this job.



A contract was issued by Cork City Council to O’Donovan Agri to clean, strip prepare and paint the railings at the high footpath at Eastgate. Although the job took longer than expected, delaying the planters being put in position, the delay was worth it. The railings turned out better than we could have expected.
On Wednesday evening the planters were put in place and filled with water. These planters were very kindly supported by Mc Donald’s Ballincollig.
Once in place it didn’t take long for the bees to find the many pollinators among them which we have been increased by 20% this year.



Dementia information meeting on Tuesday 27th June at 7.00pm at Ballyphehane Community Centre, Tory Top Road, T12 WC6V.
Special guest speaker is Kevin Quaid. Q & A session after talk.



Dates for the special guided tours of OPW’s Doneraile Park & Gardens for the 2023 season with exclusive access to the 17th century private Pleasure Gardens, Parterre, and Walled Gardens can be seen below.
This series of guided tours will be led by knowledgeable Doneraile Local Tour Guides, and incredibly talented members of the Doneraile Drama Society Group, who will be narrating some of the Estate’s history in period costumes, dressed as characters from the estate’s history such as Edmund Spenser, Queen Elizabeth I, and Elizabeth St Leger, The Lady Freemason.
Come and enjoy this beautiful event filled with pageantry, history, and storytelling set in the majestic Doneraile Estate’s surroundings. You will get exclusive access to the private Doneraile Estate Pleasure Grounds, Parterre, and walled garden with this ticket.
The tours can be booked via Eventbrite:
The upcoming tour dates are:
Sun 9th July,  Sun 6th August,  Sun 3rd September,  Sun 8th October



Volunteers needed for 4 hours a week on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.
Childline volunteers play a vital role in helping Childline to listen to, and support children in our Cork unit.
No prior qualifications are needed as comprehensive training and ongoing support is provided.
For more information please contact Regina on 0879860347 or email Regina.O’



From East to West Cork! Two wonderful opportunities to dance for Solstice.
The first will be a three-hour dance event. 7-10pm 5Rhythms® by moi  followed by a dj set with light facilitation from Lu @lheckett.
€25 to reserve your headset.
The following Friday, 23rd of June, at Garylucas beach from 7-830pm, followed by an optional sauna with @WilderCork at Garretstown Beach. 9-945pm.
€20 silent disco only, €35 silent disco + sauna.
DM or contact



Get ready for an enchanting musical experience at Féile Fearann Rí, the first-ever traditional and folk music festival on Cork’s northside.
The new 5-day festival from Mon 19th to Fri 23rd to be held at the Church of the Resurrection, Farranree, will feature workshops, rehearsals, sessions, recitals, and concerts, showcasing the area’s community spirit and musical culture.
With Irish musician and Hothouse Flowers frontman, Liam Ó Maonlaí, headlining as Music Generation Cork City’s Artist-in-Residence, the Féile promises to captivate music enthusiasts of all ages.