What is going on with the increase in graffiti in Ballincollig?
The town had been doing so well. Graffiti had remained at a minimum until the last two weeks.
We were really hoping to increase our standing this year in the upcoming Tidy Towns competition but if the graffiti keeps popping up it will hinder any chance we have to improve.
Scheduled work has to be put on hold so our Workers and Volunteers can spend the time scrubbing various places covered in graffiti.
All we can do is ask those concerned to please stop.


Sunday morning there were 22 Volunteers and 4 Transition Year students out for the weekly litter pick. A wide area was covered due to so many people being out.
Among the litter collected there were 3 bags of plastic and 1 bag of cans.
During the week several of our Volunteers carried out their usual litter picks and all the litter collected was added to Sunday’s total.
This was then taken to the Allotment for segregating on Monday.



pics from the week

It’s Hydrangea time again!! Spring is here and so our Workers and Volunteers can be found back on the Carrigrohane Road tending to the Hydrangeas. This week Adrian made a start dead-heading and cutting them back. Tending to them and to the surrounding area takes a large portion of time each year. In the last few years these Hydrangeas have matured and strengthened and give a lovely display of colour approaching the Poulavone Roundabout.
This work continued on Wednesday and Thursday.
The repair work on the Tidy Towns watering trailer was completed and it is now being prepared for painting.



In-keeping with Ballincollig Tidy Towns initiative to make Ballincollig a spray free town, Cork City Council began edging the footpath from Carrigrohane Junction to Poulavone Roundabout.
Edging makes such a difference to an area. The results were evident and received many positive comments.
With the support of Cork City Council and the various estates in Ballincollig we are certain this initiative will be a success.



such a pity to see

Ballincollig Tidy Towns would like to ask Residents to come together and start washing and cleaning walls, footpaths and signs in the various estates. It is important we get a good start to this and make sure the town and its surrounds are looking their best.


This week I took a peek into various gardens as I wandered around. One of the many lovely plants I spotted was Witch Hazel. I even spied some early rhubarb.



pics witch hazel and early rhubarb