West Village Clean Up
Our CE/TUS Workers did a great job cleaning on the West Village from Maxol to Coolroe. What an amazing difference 



Our CE/TUS Workers continue to do amazing work. They made a huge difference to the kerbs at Harrington Street and Barr Na Sraide. We appreciate all that they do for Ballincollig. 
Sam’s Bar
Great to see Sams Bar being washed down in advance of being painted.


Seating On Main Street
This seating was put in a number of years ago but it has become quite faded and stained. Despite numerous attempts to clean them, the Volunteers were not able to get them back to their original state.
On Friday morning we asked Gerald McCarthy Memorials to see if they could tackle them. The results are amazing.



VMWare Doing Their Bit In The Regional Park
Last week VMware staff gave their time once again to help in the community. They went to the Regional Park where they did a clean up including  an area near the sluice gate.
They did an incredible job.


The Waterboys Are Back In Town
Our ongoing cleaning programme continued on Thursday night with The
Waterboys back in action. This time they had some assistance washing bins and seating.
Pollinator Corridor Extension
Ballincollig’s Pollinator Corridor has been given a welcome extension courtesy of
The Woods Family on the Carrigrohane Road. The magnificent volume of
Pollinator Plants along the roadside gives a lovely show but more
importantly provides ample food for the bees.
This week staff from VMware were back out helping us tackle projects.They did some great work edging near Cranford Pines and the result has made such a difference. Their work is invaluable to us.