There’s a new Pollinator Trail in Cork and it’s absolutely amazing. The Irish Bee Conservation Project (IBCP) in association with the Irish Heritage Trust and the Office of Public Works have opened a Pollinator Trail at Fota House, Arboretum & Gardens. There are 12 stations along the Trail. Each station has a particular relevance to Pollination and Biodiversity. 
As you reach every station there is a QR Code. Walkers need only open the camera on their mobile phone and place it over this code. Doing this brings up a link to the Irish Bee Conservation Project website. Press each link and reveal more information around the area each station is located.
There are many wonderful things to see and enjoy along this trail from a Bee Lodge, specifically designed by the IBCP for the purpose of Native Irish Honeybees to a Victorian Working Garden containing excellent pollinating plants. There are over 40 Bee Lodges located around Fota Island. As the project develops these will increase. This is due to the work of the IBCP.
  The trail takes you through some magnificent gardens past some wonderful plants and trees with bee boxes placed at a safe distance. The various stations allow the walkers to learn so much more about their surroundings, the various types of bees and how they all work together.
At the final trail point walkers will be able to take a look at the specially designed Observation Hive to see the work of the bees as they go about their daily chores. There is also a very large Bug Hotel with smaller ones hanging nearby. So many ideas that we can adapt in our own gardens or schoolground.  As a result of this Pollinator Trail several community groups like Ballincollig Tidy Towns are hoping to create similar Pollinator Trails in their own areas with the help of the IBCP.
The Pollinator Trail at Fota House, Arboretum & Gardens is a must see for everyone young and old. Schools would do well to bring their students here to visit and allow them to avail of this wonderful amenity.
The pandemic and lockdowns have given us all the chance to spend more time than we normally would outdoors. This trail is a wonderful way for families to spend time with their children showing them nature at work and the importance of how we can be involved in leaving something behind for future generations. For more information vis