This week saw magnificent work being carried out at East Gate. The trees from the left hand side of the entrance were cut down and the place cleared. The wall was then power washed and once the wall on the other side of the entrance has been power washed, it will give a welcome face lift to the area.   
The Workers also carried out several other jobs around the streets of Ballincollig among them some planting at Poulavone. Works carried out at the allotment included setting up additional rainwater collection units in preparation for the summer watering rotation.
Last Sunday the 24th February there were thirty people including six Transition Year students out on the weekly litter pick. Sophie is our newest Transition Year recruit and we would like to welcome her to this happy group.We collected thirteen bags of waste and from that we were able to segregate three bags for recycling.
 A pick outside our boundary on Sunday and picks during the week on the Main Street produced a further four bags of litter and two of recycling.
Several residents have now been out working in the various estates. Kerbs are being brushed in the estates outside their premises. Because of the lovely mild weather grass cutting can be seen in many estates. Brushing kerbs is now added to with a first grass cut evident in many estates.  Walls are also being washed in preparation for painting.
Some very successful projects on wildflower planting have been seen in the last few years.  Not all wildflower planting has to be on a large scale and anyone with a patch of wild ground in their gardens or in boundary areas can join in by scattering seeds.  
The overall aim of this type of planting is not to add colour alone but to provide food and wildlife corridors for insects especially for bees. It goes without saying that bees are a vital part of our lives and are currently in decline. Any actions that can be taken to support bee habitats are welcome and scattering wildflower seeds is one of the easier options we could try.
Of late there is somebody dumping commercial levels of cigarette butts in the car park to the rear of Main Street.  If anybody notices this happening, please let us know as soon as possible as it needs to be stopped immediately. Not only is it a littering offence but the butts are nearly impossible to pick up.
NATIONAL SPRING CLEAN WEEK    http://www.nationalspringclean.org/
April is the time for the National Spring Clean week which in fact covers the entire month.  Projects undertaken over the next five weeks will also count towards Ballincollig’s contribution to the National initiative.
Anyone interested in joining us any Sunday just come along to Quish’s SuperValu West End where we meet up at 11.00 am for our weekly litter pick. We are always looking for people to come out and get involved in making Ballincollig a much better place in which to live. There will be several projects undertaken throughout the coming months. Perhaps one or more may interest you to get involved in. If you feel that you would like to help, you can fill in the membership application form on our website, 
THE OCRUAWARE INITIATIVE   http://www.ocrualaoi.com
Cork butchers O’crualaoi have launched their new initiative which will aim to reduce their environmental footprint. They hope to reduce the use of non-recyclable packaging and are encouraging customers to bring in their own reusable containers when shopping. See the blog on our Home page on the Ballincollig Tidy Towns website for full details.