Newsletter 19 April 2024

Pressure Is On

The closing date for the SuperValu TidyTowns Competition is Wednesday May 8th with a later date of June 5th in place for the Special Awards.

Fruit Blossoms

Despite the weather nature progresses and there are plenty of blossoms on the fruit trees in one of our many Mini Orchards. The mini Orchards are now in place for 2 years and are really starting to look stronger and healthier.

Turain Glas Transformation

We recently had an approach from Residents in Turain Glas about dealing with weeds in their estate. We offered to give them some assistance.  Jimmy

Tom and Sunday brought our new machine out for the morning. The results were incredible but the amount of time that the machine saved us was unbelievable. We reckon what we got done with the machine in one morning would have taken the lads 3 or more mornings without the machine. Money well invested.

Business Planning

On Wednesday morning Ballincollig Tidy Towns met with members of the Ballincollig Business Association at The Plaza to discuss plans and aspirations for the year ahead.

A positive meeting with lovely fresh food provided by The Plaza. The general feeling was one of Working together to make it another year of success for our Community.

Wildflowers on Link Road

This week one of our planned projects for 2024 took place when we started our planting of wildflowers on the bank on the Link Road. We had previously planted some wildflowers flowers there but we wanted to enhance it further. One of our volunteers came up with a solution to ensure we do not job correctly and put the seeds out evenly.

A painstakingly slow process but we know that the end result will be worth it.

Clean Edges

Jimmy and the Team did some edging with our Edging Machine on Sunday and removed 8 bags of sods which were recycled.

The machine certainly makes the work a lot easier.

Sunday Morning Litter Pick

Last Sunday we had 20 Volunteers and 6 Transition Year Students out for our Weekly Litter Pick. The TY Students and Denis concentrated on getting the Bee Boxes painted. In total 12 bags of rubbish was collected and brought to the allotment to be segregated on Monday.

A busy morning and we enjoyed a Cuppa and baking treats in The Plaza afterwards.