We are delighted to be able to post the REPAK Team Green newsletter. With the extra time we have on our hands during the lock down as we stay at home, why not take time to look at the informative videos to help us all recycle better. Click below for these videos.


Dear Team Green Member,

Sincere thanks again for joining our growing team. You are one of over 8,000 individuals who have pledged to reduce waste, recycle better and protect the environment.

Our congratulations to Angela Reidy, Emer Breen, Michael Mullarkey and Paula Curtin, who each won a €250 Voucher for a Repak Member in our Christmas Team Green E-zine. See below their reasons for joining Team Green.

We hope you are finding our recycling tips useful.  Don’t forget to ask your friends and family members to join Team Green and play their part!

We understand that Covid-19 has created a new normal for all of us.
Why not use some of your time at home to educate yourself and others around you about what you can and can’t recycle?
How can you recycle better from every room in your home? 

Think beyond the kitchen when it comes to recycling! What about all those shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and cleaning bottles in your bathroom?  Make sure they are empty and close the lids before placing in your recycling bin – CLEAN, DRY and LOOSE.

Are you confused when it comes to recycling? 

Check out our tips and hack videos on how to recycle more items from around your home.

Click here for more recycling hack videos