The information sign at the Eastern entrance to the Regional Park was looking the worse for wear so one of our Volunteers spent a couple of hours sanding it down and preparing if for painting. The finished sign looks a great deal better. 
Our CE/TUS Workers did a fantastic job today on the Station Road / Castle Road Junction. Hundreds of cars pass by this area every hour.
Work done on cycle lane near Poulavone.
Walking along the path in The Regional Park near to  the allotments as you go east you come upon a beautiful wild flower meadow. It is situated in front of one of the old Gunpowder Mill buildings and and an old bridge. The array of colours and various flower types is fantastic.
It was also lovely to see so many bees making use of the flowers


The Poulavone Roundabout is looking magnificent and is always changing. It may be noticed that the grass is not cut as often. This was decided by Griffins Garden Centre.
When the grass is not cut the clover grows and Bees love clover, especially if it is naturally pure, free from chemicals. Natural gardening is evident for all to see at Poulavone Roundabout.
The new Park Run markers are in place and clearly show the route that participants should follow. They look very well and blend in with the other signage throughout the Regional Park
Even though we have been having a lot of rain our planters took 1500 litres on last Monday night. A few nights later we ran out of water half way through after using 1200 litres. Thankfully our harvested water is being put to good use. This is water collected from the roof of Scoil Barra. 
These are the first of our new signs being put up as part of our commitment to Pollinators.
To date this summer 7 swarms of bees have had to be dealt with and relocated for various reasons.
Even as these signs were being put in place the bees were still at work.
Our sincere thanks to Monika in Printout who made these signs for us and we are extremely happy with the final result.
It is all about changing peoples mindset and thinking before we cut. Our joint efforts will pay off for years to come. We can all make a huge difference with very little effort 

Ballincollig Tidy Towns Volunteers do not use sprays to kill the weeds and as a result the work needs to be done more often. The pictures show work recently done on the Station Road.