On Monday 30th September, the  2019 SuperValu Tidy Towns Awards will take place at The Helix DCU Dublin.
Always an exciting occasion, tension fills the room as communities gather from all over Ireland to hear the competition results.
Each group hopes that the efforts they put in have paid off in their individual categories. This year over 900 communities have entered the competition. 
This week we received our invitation to the event and will be counting down the days.
The pedestrian entrance to the Regional Park at Innishmore has become dark and overgrown with time.
With the evenings now getting darker earlier we decided to tidy up this area and cut back some overhanging branches.
The difference is amazing. The amount of additional light makes it much safer and the area is definitely cleaner.
As part of our continuous relationship with the staff of VMWare Ballincollig, one of their staff joined us last Thursday morning. Vanessa worked with Dylan and Adrian from Ballincollig Tidy Towns edging on the Old Fort Road They cleared thirty bags of sods and this has made a huge difference to the width of the footpath.
We have been working on developing Walking Routes in and around Ballincollig. Our third Route is almost completed. As part of the Walking Routes we have installed benches for people to take a few minutes out to sit and enjoy watching the world go by. The newest bench at Poulavone Roundabout was put to good use on Thursday when Pat Fennell and Pat Clarke took time out.

We have already begun preparations as part of our efforts to make our Wildflowers even better for the bees in 2020. We have been gathering seeds with one of our Volunteers. During the winter he will grow these seeds on in our Poly Tunnel and in the spring plant them outside. We have also started strimming the Wildflower area on the Link Road. In doing this we are giving the seeds a chance to drop and reseed in the ground to give an even better show of  Wildflowers in
VMware Staff continue to volunteer with us and will continue to do so for the coming months. The difference they have made to undertaking and completing projects alongside us is very significant and greatly appreciated
This week three of their staff were edging on Maglin Road and the results are evident from the before and after images.