Ballincollig Tidy Towns would like to say a sincere ‘Thank You’ for all the positive comments about the floral displays that have appeared on social media this week.
Everyone in Tidy Towns really appreciates all those who stop to say ‘Thank You’ as we carry out our work. 
Friday night’s watering took thirty minutes. One hundred litres of water were used to water from Station Road to Muskerry.
In order to make the ‘Two Pats’ watering time more productive, they decided to carry some extra drums of water with them.
Monday night’s watering took three hours. They used fourteen hundred and fifty litres of water and because of the additional drums on board they managed to get finished in one night.
It is vital that all Planter Reservoirs be kept full because of the warm weather we are enjoying.
All Pole Planters, Window Boxes, Fr. Sexton Park, the Towers, the Parklet, Station Road and the Church of St. Mary and St. John were watered.
In order to be able to water the Pollinator Flowers on Poulavone Roundabout on Wednesday Tony and Gay had to borrow a bowser from O’Donovan Agri. They used one thousand litres of water.
On Thursday evening the two Pats spent two and a half hours watering as the warm weather made the flowers extremely thirsty. They used thirteen hundred litres of water but only got the North side of Main St. and the Planters at Eastgate watered. They will continue again tomorrow evening.
Seventeen Volunteers gathered on Sunday morning for the weekly Litter Pick. The area from Carrigrohane to Classis.
It was wonderful that only nine bags of Litter were collected in total.
During the week the Volunteers were out daily and collected four bags of litter in total.
Six bags of Green Waste were collected from Carrigdene.
One bag of Green Waste was collected from Leo Murphy Terrace.


Our Wildflower Meadow at the Allotment is looking beautiful. Each day new colourful flowers appear. The latest of these are the Poppy’s.
Because of the wide range of Pollinator Friendly flowers in the Allotment the bees are extremely active.


Denis did a fantastic job cleaning up around the Raised Bed and the Bench.
The Transition Stone Flowerbed is developing nicely and looking very well.
Some photos showing work done on the Traffic Islands at Muskerry Junction during last Thursday’s Work Night. 
Our Volunteer Ann spent the time weeding the Poulavone Roundabout and dead-heading the flowers.
Six of our Volunteers tackled the Traffic Islands at the Poulavone Roundabout during Tuesday’s Work Night. They were in desperate need of being cleaned. All the silt was swept up, removed and recycled.
The grass on the Poulavone Roundabout was also cut. This was the first time mulching the grass as it was cut and it worked out well.
Mulching – the lawnmower cuts the clippings smaller allowing them to fall easily through the grass to the surface of the soil. The small clippings break down easier and provide nutrients to the grass.


Some wonderful pictures of John’s work and how it’s progressing on Barry’s Road.
There were eight Volunteers our on Main Street for the Thursday Work Night. Some were Litter Picking while others were clearing the weeds and sweeping kerbs. Volunteers were also dead-heading the Planters.