Please see information below on Mental Health Support Lines. I would be grateful if you could share these with your networks.
  • The SAMARITANS 24/7 service on 116123;
  • The 24/7 service run by PIETA HOUSE on 1800 247 247;
  • CHILDLINE on 1800 666 666 (for children under the age of 18).
  • The YourMentalHealth information line on 1800 111 888 is open 24/7. This is not a counselling service, but it has information on the available mental health supports and services and how to access them
  • Information is also available on
As always, anyone in crisis can get immediate support through their GP or the SOUTHDOC service (1850 335 999,
Round-the-clock psychiatric care is available at Emergency Departments for those presenting in crisis.


Please note that Ballincollig Regional Park closes at 5pm.
Below is the link for a really gorgeous Information Leaflet on the Regional Park Walking Trails together with some of the history of the Park. It is beautifully put together and so informative.

Well done Cork City Council on the new signage at the entrance to Ballincollig Regional Park. 
On Sunday morning we had twenty-one Volunteers out for the weekly Litter Pick. In total twelve bags of litter were collected.
Some of our Volunteers did Litter Picks during the week and six bags of Litter and one bag of Glass were collected.
There were also fourteen Transition Year students out with us. They tackled the leaves on Main Street.


The Transition Year students did an amazing job on Main Street. They collected eighty bags of leaves.
Kieran collected sixteen bags of leaves from the entrance to Muskerry Estate.
Seven bags of leaves were collected from Leo Murphy Terrace.
There were six bags of leaves collected from the entrance to The Paddocks/Innishmore Court.
Forty-seven bags of leaves were collected from Beech Road.
Two bags were collected from Innishmore.
Six bags were collected from Westcourt Heights.
There were four bags collected from Beech Park.
Two bags were collected from Lee View.
Fifteen bags were collected from Lee Court.
Photographer Darren Lane has captured two images giving us an insight into another time.
Ballincollig Regional Park, as most of us are aware, is steeped in history. The new section of the Walking Paths takes in many remnants of bygone days when the large Gunpowder Mills was located there.



Since the beginning I have dreamt of doing my bit against a new enemy. Packed in tight in the little cellophane package, we took our place on the shelf patiently waiting to be placed in a basket or trolley. For days I peeked out and watched and waited. At last we were chosen and I was finally on my way to help in the fight. Stan was his name. Balancing on the dashboard of his truck we held on for dear life. Stan was a very busy man and one by one my comrades disappeared. I was next! Excited, I waited. I heard him approach. Seconds later several shopping bags landed on top of me. Woohoo we were heading to the shops. Clutching me in his large hands he stepped from the truck. We took our place in the queue and I was firmly in place. Protecting Stan that was my mission. Thanks to me he made his way up and down aisles passing others all the while avoiding picking up anything harmful. I felt invincible.
Shopping done we made our way across the car park. My job was complete or so I thought. Back in the truck I found myself dangling from the mirror as Stan drove to the petrol station nearby. I was back to work. Tank filled and payment made Stan suddenly yanked me off and threw me on the ground. I couldn’t believe what had happened.
There I lay as I watched the lights of Stan’s truck disappear in the distance. Time passed. Shoes stood on me while others sidestepped me til finally a gust of wind blew me out onto the street. I felt completely disorientated. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go down. I had kept my side of the bargain. But Stan, he had let me down.
A dog approached and oh the indignity of it all he lifted his leg and I couldn’t avoid getting a soaking. Embarrassed, I remained there for the rest of the day and long into the next. Shocked by what had happened to me, cold and wet I saw another fallen comrade nearby. Fred and I spoke in whispers about our adventures and tried to figure out how it had gone so wrong. As the sun disappeared, we finally accepted our fate.
Over the next day or so we were blown along the street. Sadly, Fred was kicked onto the road and was flattened by a truck rumbling through Ballincollig. For a finish I got wedged in some railings and there I stayed.
As I tried to come to terms with everything, I felt something grip me and lift me up gently. I was placed in a bag with many others. I looked up and saw it was one of Ballincollig Tidy Towns Volunteers doing the weekly Litter Pick. I was finally at peace. I had done what was expected of me and had trusted Stan would do the right thing and place me safely in a bin where I could keep protecting others by keeping whatever I may have picked up in the line of duty to myself.
So please, when you have finished with your facemasks place them in the bins and not on the ground like Stan. 



SensAsian Fare located at Westpoint Business Park, Link Road, Ballincollig have set up an Eco Products Refill Station on their premises. Their friendly staff will help you with refilling. Doing their bit to reduce plastic waste.