Last year due to Covid-19 the difficult decision was made to cancel ‘Daffodil Day’ as it is known and loved. This year Daffodil Day will again be like no other.
This Daffodil Day your support will help to continue providing crucial services to adults and children with cancer as well as to their families.
So, on Friday 26 March please give what you can to make a difference to the lives of people going through cancer.
There were twenty-two bags of Litter collected in total on Sunday morning.
More than fifteen Volunteers were out. Among them Kitty, Tony, Denis, Carmel, Christine, Jean, Martin, Jer, Tadg, Ferghal and Adam.
We collected six bags from Classes Lake which the Residents had gathered and also one bag from Rosewood Residents.
Kitty collected four bags of Litter and one bag of Cans from her Litter Picks during the week.
Five bags were collected from Volunteers who Litter Picked in the Town Centre.
Six bags were collected from the agreed Roadside Collection Points.
What a lovely sight, Residents taking ownership of their new homes at ‘Westfield’, Ballincollig. This is the new development across from the White Horse on the western side of the town.
Over the years this was well known to many as the ‘Circus Field’, the Big Top taking pride of place there when the Circus came to town.
‘Feversham Square’ was what the ground was originally known as, where the workmen’s houses for the Irish Board Ordnance Gunpowder Mills were built.

This week, in association with Ballincollig Heritage Association, Ballincollig Tidy Towns placed a Heritage Sign on the outside wall outlining the piece of ground’s history.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns Van passed its annual CVRT this past week. We are grateful to John O’Leary Autos and R&R Tyres for their continued support and generosity in preparing the van for the test.
Sunday morning, Tom and Pat took their cloths and buckets of sudsy water and worked their magic on the signs on the Western side of Ballincollig and also on some signs near Scoil Barra and Our Lady of Good Counsel school.
During the week there were plenty more signs cleaned around Ballincollig.
These are trying times and we are all feeling the strain of being restricted and for want of a better word (or two) ‘locked in’.
It seems to take very little for people to get triggered nowadays. And even less for people to act out.
One such incident occurred while two Ballincollig Tidy Towns Volunteers were busy cleaning some signs in Classis near Applegreen last Sunday. It was necessary for the two vehicles to pull into the Cycle Lane so that the Volunteers could access the tools needed to do the work. Both vehicles had flashing beacons on them and although it was not ideal to park there, there was little option.
A man approached them shouting that they were parked in a Cycle Lane and that it was dangerous. They were aware of this and let the man know that they would be moving shortly. However, he then proceeded to take photos. The man’s reaction was a little excessive. There is absolutely no need for anyone to shout, just keep calm and certainly no need to be taking photos. Perhaps he might like to use some of that pent up anger helping the Volunteers with their work.
Cork Learning City is delighted to announce that they will be celebrating Lifelong Learning in a new way for 2021 and they would like everyone to be involved. Unfortunately, the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival cannot take place this year due to the ongoing government restrictions, so they will use the week of the Festival 22 – 26 March to launch their new initiative. 
A series of lunchtime webinars will be held. These will introduce their new Learning Cities Awards to celebrate learning from the early years right through to and including adult education, community and workplace learning as well as highlighting exceptional and inspirational learning.
It is a great opportunity for Cork people to nominate individuals and projects that have inspired them by their innovation, endeavour and resilience through their Lifelong Learning Actions over the past year.
The awards are a celebration of how lifelong learning enables people to change their lives. and how learning has become a way to improvement in life, work and community.
Free tickets for the weeks Cork Celebrates Lifelong Learning lunchtime events are now available on Eventbrite.  
Find out how to nominate exceptional individuals or projects in your area and to see some examples of best practice from other Learning Cities.
Register today for the launch series of meetings planned for 22 – 26 March with information on nominations and invited speakers:


Monday – 22 March 2021
  • Adult Education: Community Education Award   
  • Early Years Award 
Tuesday – 23 March 2021
  • Primary Level Award 
  • Active Retired Award 
Wednesday – 24 March 2021
  • Secondary School Award 
  • Youth & Community Learning   
Thursday – 25 March 2021
  • Higher Education Award 
  • Further Education Award 
Friday – 26 March 2021
  • Exceptional Endeavour Award 
  • Adult Education: Workplace Learning Award 
International Tourism Conference – Developing Cork as a Tourism Destination of the Future
Fáilte Ireland / Ireland’s Ancient East are hosting an online international tourism conference on Thursday 25 March (10am – 12pm). The event will feature a number of international tourism experts from a number of destinations. The speakers will share their insights on how international tourism destinations are preparing for the future and share their views on global tourism best practice
This event is part of a new Destination and Experience Development Plan being developed by the Ireland’s Ancient East team which will be a five year tourism destination development plan for Cork City and East Cork.
We hope you will join us on March 25.  We will be in touch very soon with registration details but in the meantime please hold the date


We are all fully aware that life is not what it should be for any of us right now. But why would people want to go around spraying paint on signs. 
It’s true the Volunteers haven’t been as busy as they would like to be but that has to do with the lockdown and the Coronavirus not the lack of things to do.
They have plenty to do to keep them occupied once restrictions are lifted. So please, stop making more work for them. 


This week John O’Neill was busy weeding the Planter Boxes on Main Street.


He also carried out a Spring Clean on the flower bed at Cleburne Mews on Community Drive.
As of 15 March the total number of vaccinations administered in Ireland is 620,580.
The number of people who have received their first dose is 455,182.
Those who have received their second dose is 165,398.