As Phase 1 began and restrictions eased somewhat, workers from Ballincollig Tidy Towns were able to start back at work and start planting.
The Transition Stone in Fr. Sexton Park was one of the first places to be tackled. The ground in the flower bed however, was badly compacted. John Buckley Landscaping came to their aid with an Air Lance worked off a compressor. The air lance turned the soil into powder in a matter of minutes and this made the bed much easier to plant.
The result was fantastic.
Saturday evening and Sunday morning the Ballincollig Tidy Towns Volunteers were busy putting the new planters in place at Eastgate and on Main Street. In total the work took seventeen and a half voluntary hours.
The last of the planters were put in place on Monday evening. Over 100 planters had to be put in place and it was like an assembly line with Volunteers observing social distancing. Once in position, the boxes were secured. Thank you to everyone involved.
With the planters in place the watering and feeding programme began this week as the weather was so warm. Watering brought new challenges as a result of the revamp of Aldi’s shop and the car park area at Eastgate. It had to be done from the road and caused some disturbances to traffic for which we apologise.
All the water used for watering the planters was harvested rainwater from the roof of Scoil Barra.
Besides our new planters, many businesses have been putting up floral displays outside their premises. It gives a very positive boost to the community
Residents in various Estates are continuing to work hard and it is certainly paying off. We are grateful to everyone for showing such pride in their community at a time when our workers were stood down.
  • In Carrigdene eight bags of grass cuttings were collected.
  • Three bags of kerbside sweepings were collected from Inniscarra View.


Rosewood Residents Association made a presentation to Tony Whelan this week in recognition of his many years of service as Chairperson of the Association.
Tony has been a driving force in the success of Rosewood Estate. Together with several other residents, he has helped set a very high standard indeed. The success Rosewood enjoys is as a result of the hours he dedicated to overseeing projects and to helping move the Estate forward. The residents are sincerely grateful to Tony and thank him most sincerely.
Last evening as the sun was going down a Volunteer from Ballincollig Tidy Towns cut the grass on the Poulavone Roundabout to keep it looking it’s best. The many colourful Pollinator Friendly plants on the roundabout had several visitors buzzing about. Next week the beehives will be put back in their rightful place on the roundabout.

The Fire Service personnel in Ballincollig have always taken an enormous amount of pride in their station. Over the past number of years the grounds have undergone a makeover which has enhanced the premises. The high standard has been maintained and this week the hedges at the front were trimmed.