Monday of last week Ballincollig Tidy Towns held their first Committee Meeting in The Oriel House Hotel. It was a wonderful feeling to be back together and be able to discuss plans for going forward. All the necessary government guidelines were followed.
Sunday saw a joyous formal return of twenty BTT Volunteers for the weekly Litter Pick. We gathered at Quish’s Car park at 11am. There was a great buzz and a feeling of normality among the group. Social distancing was of course adhered to. We even welcomed two new Volunteers. Hopefully as the weeks go by, we will continue to see greater numbers returning.
As a result of so many Volunteers, a wide area was covered and ten bags in total were collected. There is no segregation of these being carried out due to Covid-19.
Some Volunteers were out Litter Picking during the week and they collected five bags of waste; one bag of glass, one of cans and one of plastic.
The Residents of Carrigdene were out in force again maintaining their Estate. We collected five bags of green waste from them. Thank you to all involved.
What an excellent job Adrian did at the base of the natural stone wall at Sunningdale. Eight tonne bags of weeds were removed as a result.
John’s work from O’Flynn’s Road yielded eight tonne bags. The area is looking wonderful.
This week Adrian commenced work on the Hydrangeas on the road from Carrigrohane to Poulavone. So far, the result is amazing. They seem to have finally taken hold and are maturing well.  

You would really have to ask yourself what kind of person drives out the road and at the narrowest part dumps a mattress and at least five bags of rubbish and drives off letting the entire lot there for a passing car to hit. This was on the Wood Road after the turn off for Roadstone. Clearly the culprit is utterly selfish and hasn’t an ounce of consideration for any other road users.


Anthony carried out some fantastic work on Old Fort Road this week. The place has been transformed. We really are grateful.

BeautifulLee’s next event is on Saturday, 1 August in the field at the far eastern edge of the Regional Park (access through Manor Hill estate, down the hill to Fionn Laoi estate, VCVC+6X in google maps). They are hoping to make things with sticks and leaves, collect litter, and have a talk on the landscape and geography of the area. Should be a lot of fun. Be sure to come out and join in.

Thursday night of last week all window boxes, poles, wooden planters and towers were watered. It took both men two hours each and they used 900 litres of water.
Last Friday the men were out watering again. They spent two hours in total and used 1,100 litres of water. Eastgate, Fr. Sexton Park, Station Road and the planters at the Church of St. Mary and St. John’s were all watered.
Monday night all window boxes, wooden planters, poles and towers were watered. It took The Waterboys two and a quarter hours to complete and 1,100 litres of water were used.
On Tuesday night watering was carried out at Eastgate, Fr. Sexton Park, Station Road and Church of St. Mary and St. John’s. It took two hours in total and 1,100 litres of water were used. 
Catherine Fennell spent two and a quarter hours deadheading the plants at the Maxol petrol station the other night. Her work has been making a huge difference over the last number of weeks. It isn’t the easiest or the most interesting job to undertake but it is greatly appreciated.
Denis was busy painting the two benches at the Link Road. The various benches he has already worked on have made such a difference to the overall look of the town. This is very time-consuming work, not too easy on the back but yields great results. Thank you so much Denis.


It was very disappointing to see a City Council member driving around on a quad spraying various parts of Ballincollig especially after Ballincollig Tidy Towns had launched a new initiative for a ‘Spray Free Town’ before Covid-19. Unfortunately, lockdown put paid to those plans. However, as we come out of lockdown our plans are finally back on track and we look forward to getting to grips with the spraying problem in the town. We hope to have this sorted in the coming weeks.


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