Here is a magnificent 3D Visualization of the Charcoal Mill as it looked back in the 1800’s. It is some of the beautiful 3D visualization work being completed by a very talented architect Nuria Pallarols.  Nuria spent hours adding lots of intricate details to these images of the #Charcoal Mill. In the first image, you can see the Charcoal Mill as it exists today (slightly more overgrown than usual these days). The next set of images are a 3D reconstruction of what the building looked like back in the early 1800s, where fast flowing water would be released from the Mill race, into the building, powering a massive water wheel that was connected to a series of giant cogs, eventually driving 2 huge limestone mill stones. The stones rotated on top of a mixing bowl, where charcoal was broken down into finer powder so it could be mixed with the other #gunpowder ingredients in the #incorporating mills.
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