Ballincollig’s Community Wash Down Day is this Saturday from 10am to 2pm and we are asking everyone to come out and get washing. We are hoping to work our way through the town washing signs, poles, railings, walls, benches, bins etc.  Some businesses have already cleaned their premises and it makes a big difference. We are hoping more businesses, clubs and groups will come out in force and do their bit. Residents in the various estates throughout Ballincollig are being asked to come out and help with this cause. Some residents have already cleaned and painted garden walls.
On Sunday the 21st April twenty three Volunteers picked litter for an hour throughout the streets of Ballincollig covering most of the usual areas. After the hour we had twelve bags of litter with a further three bags of recyclable materials.
During the week previous a number of Volunteers were active each day and picked four bags, two of waste and two of recyclable materials.
This workers have been busy cutting grass throughout Ballincollig. Some more of their time was taken up in the allotment site planting seeds, turning the compost and sorting waste. The workers’ presence throughout Ballincollig is a positive reminder of how vital their input is in the continuing work to make the town a place to be proud of. During the week cleaning  kerbs continued as well as completing the removal of overgrowth from the small park area near the East Side.
OTHER NEWS                                                                   
Our work evenings are starting again tonight at 7pm. Each Tuesday and Thursday evening going forward, we will be out carrying out planned works such as boundary clearing, some grass cutting and edging, kerb cleaning, sign washing and plant maintenance. So if you have some time to spare come join us every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm from now until September. We can always do with the extra help.
The Darkness Into Light Walk is fast approaching. Please don’t forget to register and come out and show your support for this great cause.
The Ballincollig Tidy Towns website is growing in popularity and we are delighted with the feedback and support from the people visiting it. We hope that the number of visitors to the site will continue to grow through the coming months. Our aim is that the site will be a place for people to follow projects being carried out or read about those already completed by BTT, how they work with businesses, schools and groups within the community and where people can learn interesting information on several topics. .  
This page is being enjoyed by people far and wide and we are appealing for more people to email in their old photographs and share their memories, giving new life to bygone days.. These can be emailed to us on imagesofballincolligpast@gmail.com  or drop them to any member of the Tidy Towns Committee and all will be safely returned,This page has become popular with people originally from Ballincollig who live in other countries and counties now.
If you are interested in joining us any Sunday just come along to Quish’s SuperValu West End where we meet up at 11.00 am for our weekly litter pick.