The sunflower (or “soniashnyk”) is Ukraine’s national flower and has been grown on its central and eastern steppes since the middle of the 18th century, cultivated for its seeds, which are eaten as a snack, or crushed into oil, a key ingredient in cooking and an export product of vital importance.
Now, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stretches into its second month, the flower—soniashnyk in Ukrainian—has taken on new layers of meaning, emerging as a “global symbol of resistance, unity and hope” (Jennifer Hassan for the Washington Post 31 Mar 2022).
Ireland along with many other countries have decided to plant sunflowers to show their support for the people of Ukraine. Ballincollig Tidy Towns has also decided to do the same and is planting sunflowers in several areas of Ballincollig including the allotment. 
BTT is asking residents to plant sunflowers in their estates and also in individual gardens. Miniature sunflowers perfect for planting in pots are also available.
If you have an hour to spare on a Sunday morning or perhaps you have some hours during the week that have not been filled up. If so, BTT could do with your help.
Tuesday and Thursday worknights will be starting up again shortly. The more Volunteers we have the more projects we will be able to take on.
The worknights are not only a chance for us to cover more work but also a chance for us to work together as a community and form friendships.
If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Pat Clarke on (087) 6348807 or email us on info@ballincolligtidytowns.ie or through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Eight employees from VMware Ballincollig were a very welcome sight on Thursday. They spent the morning removing grass from around the newly planted trees at our biodiversity area. These were planted as part of the DC’s for Bees in association with Host Ireland.  
We are very grateful to the staff of VMware for their continued hard work and support.


Several bags of what appears to be household rubbish have been found dumped behind the fencing near the Fire Station on the Link Road. They seem to have been there for some time and have become exposed as the vegetation died back most likely as a result of this rubbish.
This is the site of a Ring Fort and access to the area is restricted. Cork City Council’s Litter Wardens will now have to access the site and investigate this illegally dumped rubbish.
What a shame people in the community think so little of their town.



National Biodiversity Week 2022 takes place from 15th to 22nd May. This year’s theme is ‘Building a shared future for all life’. For more information visit https://www.cbd.int/biodiversity-day
On the subject of biodiversity and its importance, a Citizen’s Assembly on Biodiversity was recently established and met for the first time on Saturday 9th April last. The Assembly can be viewed online at www.citizensassembly.ie All citizens will have the opportunity to make submissions via the website or by emailing submissions@citizensassembly.ie


Contractors working on behalf of Cork City Council finally started demolishing the former nursing home Madonna House on Station Road. For the past number of years, it used to be a playground for anti-social behaviour. It will now be cleared to make room for six 3 bedroomed two-storey terraced townhouses. The project will also include the relevant landscaping. The existing apartments will be left in place. However, they will have some alterations carried out. A positive improvement for Ballincollig.
Work has also commenced on the site of the old ESB offices on the Link Road and also on a site at Baker Street behind the Community Hall.



Don’t forget Cork City Council’s Community, Culture & Placemaking Directorate FREE online Sustainable Gardening Course for people living in the Cork City area. The course will be delivered by horticulturist Aoife Munn and is suitable for beginners and more advanced gardeners, 
It will be of particular interest for Tidy Towns groups, Allotment Holders, Green Schools Coordinators and those wishing to really reduce their impact on the planet.
Some of the topics to be covered will be – reducing waste, creating wildflower areas, growing vegetables and pollinator planting. The course will be interactive and people will also get the chance to make their own biodegradable pots and take cuttings.
This online course will be held from 10 am for one hour each Tuesday morning from Tuesday 26th April to Tuesday 24th May. Please sign up only if available on all dates as it is not recorded.
All information supplied when booking will be shared with Aoife Munn and Cork City Council for the purposes of administering and running the course.
Numbers are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Register online at the following link, https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/sustainable-gardening-course-sponsored-by-cork-city-council-registration-289634092367



The National Nursing Home Experience has sent postal surveys to family members and friends with loved ones residing in selected nursing homes throughout Ireland. 
This survey is to help them to listen, understand and act on people’s experience of care to ensure the needs of nursing home residents are met.
Should you receive one of the surveys please take time to fill it in and speak about your experiences of nursing home care and any improvements you think would be of benefit.
Return the completed survey in the Freepost envelope, or you can fill out the online survey at: https://survey.yourexperience.ie/ 



Adrian returned to work on Tuesday and continued the edging on Killumney Road. His work yielded 30 bags which was taken to the allotment for composting.  
When all the litter was sorted John cut the grass near the flowerbed at An Caislean.
John, Adrian and Tony undertook a project on Thursday. They cut and edged the grass on the Old Fort Road. A second cut and tidy up will be needed next week but the result of today’s work shows how worthwhile edging is.



Easter Sunday morning was very quiet with a mere 5 Volunteers braving the rain.
One bag of cans and a bag of plastic were among the gathered litter. This was put with the litter collected by some of our Volunteers during the week and when it was segregated on Tuesday it yielded another bag of plastic, another of cans and some glass.



pics from the week