In the past number of weeks our lives have changed to a level that none of us could ever have prepared for. People have had to adapt to a new normal. We have all lost work, security, the support of those nearest us, but the most tragic loss of all is the loss of life, unimaginable numbers day after day. However, one loss all of us would rejoice in is the ‘loss’ of the scum element in our community.
While the rest of us are doing our bit for each other, social distancing, staying at home and keeping apart in the hope that the spread of the Coronavirus is stopped, the scum element in the Ballincollig community is evidently incapable of understanding any of this as it has recently taken vandalism to new levels. This degenerates have been running amok in the Regional Park causing more loss and as a result making life harder for people. Despite the enormous changes to our lives, the Regional Park is the one place we can go to walk/run/cycle and enjoy it’s beauty even just for a little while.
So much planning, work (by both Volunteers and Local Authority Staff) and a large financial investment have gone into making Ballincollig Regional Park a place of beauty and also containing elements beneficial to those in our community who need a little extra care and attention.
Despite the majority of us adhering to the 2km exercise restriction and not being able to enjoy the Park at this time, the scum element has done untold damage under the cover of darkness. The most recent damage was carried out on Thursday night last. Ignoring the social distancing and group gathering ban and ignoring the fact that the Park was actually closed to people at this time, a party, loud music and all was held at the back of the Park. Obviously rules do not apply to this group.
The mindless damage…….
Two Dog Fouling Bins were ripped out of the ground along with their concrete bases.
Also, the Polycarbonate Cover Frame and Sign from the Information Sign near the Sensory Garden by the Weir were all taken.The picture shows all that is left of the sign.



This is not acceptable behaviour in any society and we are calling on the authorities to deal with those responsible before any more damage is caused to the Regional Park.