Ballincollig Tidy Towns is extremely lucky to have an exceptional team of Volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the town to keep it looking its best. They not only work to maintain the level the town has reached with regard to cleanliness but constantly strive to make improvements throughout that will benefit generations to come. They possess such a pride for their town that they freely give of their time and expertise every day of the year. Ballincollig Tidy Towns is very grateful for each and every Volunteer in the team.
Ger Murphy – My wife and I moved to Ballincollig in 1986, where we raised a family of 4, with our youngest son still going to school here. Ballincollig has transformed into an amazing place to live. There is a great sense of community brought about by fabulous organisations such as Ballincollig Tidy Towns, the Park Run, Ballincollig Athletics and the GAA.


I joined Ballincollig Tidy Towns in 2013, inspired by my neighbours, who have been volunteers for many years. I concentrate on the Regional Park every Sunday morning. The Park is a fantastic amenity and we are fortunate to have it on our doorstep.the Park Run, which is held every Saturday morning has even got me running, which for anybody who knows me should be considered a ‘miracle’.

It is great to all meet up every Sunday in the Oriel after the weekly litter pick. Everybody is very friendly and I am constantly astounded by the selflessness and boundless dedication of the other volunteers.

Eugene O’Donovan moved to Ballincollig in 1992. Through the years, he has seen it grow and develop into the vibrant community it is today. Himself, his wife, two daughters, one of their partners and his grandson all live in Ballincollig. He joined Ballincollig Tidy towns in 2008. His main focus area is the Graveyard and surrounding area, where he can be found most Sundays. He gets no complaints from those at rest there, as he keeps it as litter free as possible.
Eugene works for Northstar/McKesson who have a CSR Programme (Corporate Social Responsibility Programme), through which they sponsored the Ballincollig tidy Towns in 2019. He describes himself as ‘Pure Cork’. He has a love for all things Cork, especially Ballincollig. With the Regional Park, the community and the ‘village’, it is a great place to live.
Sheila Philpott grew up in Wilton and after a number of years working in the United Kingdom she came to settle with her family in Ballincollig. She joined Ballincollig Tidy Towns in 2008 after her daughter Laura spent a year volunteering with as part of her Gaisce bronze journey. Sheila enjoys volunteering as she feels it is her chance to give something back to the community, make new friends and be inspired by others to make Ballincollig a town for all the community to enjoy.
Tony Whelan, a native of Ardmore, has  always been interested in Tidy Towns.  He came to live in Rosewood, Ballincollig in 1974 and started as a volunteer with Ballincollig Tidy Towns in 2008. When he retired from his job in 2012 he began working as a Supervisor with our TUS/CE workers. He enjoys the work and it’s great to see the improvements in Ballincollig over the years as a result. He should be proud of his contribution.The big plus for him is the friends he has made in Tidy Towns.


Tony is an integral part of Ballincollig Tidy Towns. He is always willing to assist and very obliging.  

Ballincollig has its very own Waterboys who are proving to be as popular as the original Waterboys themselves. Both men share the same first name and their laughter, good nature and dedication is infectious. They ensure that all planters, hanging baskets in fact all flowers on display in Ballincollig are kept watered. Without fail they fill the planters twice a week and also include the Poulavone Roundabout flowers with the rest of the watering.
Pat Clarke has been involved with Ballincollig Tidy Towns since 2001. His jeep is practically a landmark in the town at this stage. Originally from Claremorris, Co. Mayo he designed and built our watering system. Rainwater is harvested from the roof of one of the local schools in Ballincollig and stored until it is needed (see Innovative Ideas page on our website}. As this is a two person job Pat Fennell decided to join him. Pat is originally from Waterford and has been a member of Ballincollig Tidy Towns for the past five years.
Neither of the two men knew each other before becoming Volunteers but have formed an exceptional friendship and have lovingly become known as ‘The Waterboys’.
The care and attention with which these two Volunteers carry out their job each week ensures that Ballincollig always has a very healthy display of flowers that last late into each season.
Without these two men, Ballincollig Tidy Towns would have difficulty in maintaining the flowers to the same high standard. We are very grateful for all they do for us.



Kitty O’Callaghan joined Ballincollig Tidy Towns as a Volunteer in February 2008. She was one of the first to volunteer when the present Committee put out an appeal for assistance with the Sunday Morning Litter Pick.
Since then Kitty has dedicated a huge amount of her time to Ballincollig Tidy Towns. She is out litter picking almost every day in all types of weather and is a very familiar sight along the road with her yellow vest and litter picker. She also helps with other jobs like grass cutting in her estate, painting, cleaning and work on the flowerbeds.  
Kitty always has a smile and a greeting for everyone as she picks litter along her route. She never shirks away from anything that needs to be done and always makes herself available to help.
She is an integral part of our group and we are extremely grateful for all she does. Kitty was recognised as a Super Hero by SuperValu Ireland for her work as a Volunteer.
Jacqueline Cullinane is one of our stalwart Volunteers in Ballincollig Tidy Towns. She is an avid gardener and has a huge knowledge of plants. This knowledge has been called upon on numerous occasions during her years as a Volunteer. She is also a gifted baker and has made incredible cakes for many special occasions over the years. Jacqueline developed a most natural display of plants in Coolroe Heights. She could be seen there regularly tending to them and developing a haven for bees and birds alike.
Jacqueline was interviewed by Mary Kennedy for Nationwide some time back and gave a brief overview of her life and what Ballincollig Tidy Towns means to her. Celebrating her 85th Birthday the first week in July, Jacqueline is held in very high regard among all the Volunteers.
Ten years ago Dan O’Riordan arrived at the Sunday morning Litter Pick with two small children both still in their car seats. Every Sunday morning both kids, John and Patricia, arrived with Dan. They all did their litter pick and joined us afterwards in the Oriel House Hotel for the all important cuppa.
Over the years they became a very important part of our team. Patricia took up other interests and opted to pursue those. John, an avid sportsman and a keen GAA supporter continued to litter pick with his dad every Sunday.
We have seen John develop from a young 5 year old to a kind and decent young man. He now also works with us on our Tuesday and Thursday Work Nights. John is always on hand to offer assistance and has a great ability to think ahead and see what needs doing.
It is lovely to see father and son working together. They have a wonderful relationship and you can often see them chatting and laughing while they work. John has the same pride in Ballincollig as his father has.
Ballincollig Tidy Towns is very grateful to both Dan and John for all their years of dedication. 


On a Sunday morning In September 2010 Ferghal Monahan arrived to work with Ballincollig Tidy Towns as part of the Community Task for the Gaisce Medal. He is still with us nine years later and an integral part of our group. 
Over the years Ferghal has formed many friendships within the Tidy Towns group. He is kind and supportive and gives his all to whatever projects he is working on. No matter what the task Ferghal is one of the first in line to get stuck in.
Ferghal is a fantastic volunteer and everyone in Ballincollig Tidy Towns holds him in very high esteem. 
Christine and Steven Tsang. Christine and Steven are both from Hong Kong. After finishing college Steven started working in Cork. Christine joined him there.. They lived first in Cork City and in 1992 moved to Ballincollig. They stayed for one year and moved back to Hong Kong. However, they have been back living in Ballincollig since 2007. They joined the Tidy Towns in April 2008 after seeing an ad on the local newsletter looking for Volunteers and have been members since.  Christine and Steven enjoy working with the Tidy Towns and have made many friends through the work,  the tea and coffee afterwards and other Tidy Towns activities. Christine often goes litter picking in her own time. She also helps their housing estate with the Spring and Summer clean. Steven says it is gratifying to see how Ballincollig has developed into such a nice place to live.